Michael and Zara Agnew | Dallas Wedding Coordinator

I met Zara while working in Product Development at Fossil Corporate. Her desk ended up being directly behind mine and we both determined it was meant to be when I found out she was engaged and she discovered I was a wedding coordinator! Zara’s vision was vintage and with the expertise of florist Rene` Watten, her vision became a reality. One of my favorite details of Michael and Zara’s wedding were the family wedding dresses and photos she displayed at her reception. How fitting for a fashion merchandising major and what a great opportunity to display a legacy of happy marriages! eephotome.zbma.wedding-17 eephotome.zbma.wedding-27 eephotome.zbma.wedding-5 eephotome.zbma.wedding-31 eephotome.zbma.wedding-42 eephotome.zbma.wedding-47 eephotome.zbma.wedding-60 eephotome.zbma.wedding-63 eephotome.zbma.wedding-73 eephotome.zbma.wedding-81 eephotome.zbma.wedding-82 eephotome.zbma.wedding-113 eephotome.zbma.wedding-775 eephotome.zbma.wedding-720 eephotome.zbma.wedding-83 eephotome.zbma.wedding-99 eephotome.zbma.wedding-713 eephotome.zbma.wedding-746 eephotome.zbma.wedding-787 eephotome.zbma.wedding-133

A special thanks to the following vendors….
Coordination: Events by Shelbi Rene
Officiant: David Booker
Photography: EE Photography
Videography: Design Coretex
DJ: Derrick Ramirez
Cake: Annie’s Culinary Creations
Florist: Rene` Watten
Hair/Make-Up: Mirror Mirror Amanda Ward


Dawson and Page Clark | Dallas Wedding | Dallas Wedding Coordinator

Dawson and Page married on a beautiful spring day that could not have gone more perfectly. The ceremony progressed without a hitch (well maybe just one) and was followed by a magazine worthy reception, which is fitting considering the mother of the bride, Margaret Stafford, is a publisher of one of Dallas’ most prominent magazines. Page traded her lace capelet and veil for a single orchid so that she could join her guests comfortably as they danced the night away amidst a stunning view of downtown Dallas.  The night ended too soon with a sparkler exit and a taco truck to greet guests with a midnight snack as they waited for their cars. Dawson and Page truly thought of everything to ensure their guests had a night to remember!

060-13-0099 060-13-0166 060-13-0231 060-13-0458 Matthew Stafford, Detroit Lions Quarterback Matthew Stafford, Detroit Lions Quarterback 060-13-0624 060-13-0677 060-13-0759 Matthew Stafford, Detroit Lions Quarterback 060-13-1016 Matthew Stafford, Detroit Lions Quarterback 060-13-1287 060-13-1316 060-13-1354 060-13-1356 060-13-1362 060-13-1385 060-13-1538 060-13-1588 060-13-2385 060-13-2413 060-13-2653 Matthew Stafford, Detroit Lions Quarterback 060-13-2847 060-13-2905 060-13-1432 060-13-2937 060-13-3122 060-13-3146


A special thanks to the following vendors…

Ceremony: Church of the Incarnation

Coordination: Events by Shelbi Rene

Reception: The Room on Main

Catering: CN Catering

Linens: Seat by Design

Florist: Junior at Garden Gate

Transportation: VIP Limousines and Sedan Services

Band: Cuvee, Absolute Entertainment

Photographer: George Fiala Photography

Videographer: Beyond

Lighting: LeForce Entertainment

Rentals: Todd Events

Hair: Sam Figueroa

Make-Up: Kate Conkey

Austin and Courtney Goolsby | McKinney Wedding | McKinney Wedding Coordinator

Boots, branches, burlap and a side of fried chicken and you’ve got the recipe for Austin and Courtney’s fabulous upscale rustic wedding.

The venue, formally an authentic textile cotton mill, was charming and vintage with cascading waterfalls, exposed brick and wood-beamed ceilings. Courtney wanted her wedding to be rustic and elegant but also wanted guests to have a good time. At the reception, most guests crowded the dance floor while others returned for seconds catered by Babe’s Chicken. You can’t go wrong when you’re catering Babe’s. You just can’t. Courtney and her dad started off the party with their own spin on the traditional father/daughter dance, complete with a choreographed dance to their own upbeat mix.

I also want to give Courtney a shout out for her wedding-day look. Her updo had to be one of my favorite wedding hairstyles of all time…certainly Pinterest worthy.

543820_10151436211446788_2112902259_n 549885_10151436211556788_1915375277_n bride-cowboy-boots-590x270 babies-breath-wedding-centerpiece-590x393 543820_10151436212476788_1841830405_n 549850_10151436212706788_1209585809_n 602993_10151436212981788_733296969_n 59553_10151436212771788_1821412759_n 67972_10151436212886788_513138051_n 321031_10151436213096788_597902286_n 603026_10151436218956788_1042028139_n 320981_10151436238766788_1708296268_n 480835_10151436237366788_278677509_n 184631_10151436238136788_1060046458_n vintage-cards-dispaly-590x392 white-rustic-wedding-cake-590x270 country-wedding-centerpiece-590x392 rustic-wedding-centerpiece-590x393 523302_10151436225606788_1260487830_n 184747_10151436226611788_454428568_n 486088_10151436226896788_427847796_n 379179_10151436226981788_198296887_n 270990_10151436220376788_2015038234_n 1184_10151436279541788_1279650582_n 734361_10151436289481788_1896467346_n 734637_10151436289521788_794883108_n 312380_10151436290096788_1162298264_n 150931_10151436293001788_1278134359_n 75032_10151436295346788_98210111_n 862_10151436297306788_1868223951_n 910_10151436297926788_388320695_n 735160_10151436299676788_491476804_n 485960_10151436300436788_616673293_n 530663_10151436300556788_1543418065_n 428206_10151436293216788_1734966401_n 319889_10151436291086788_30156978_n 319889_10151436291086788_30156978_n1 319766_10151436298101788_1886628554_n 269313_10151436297001788_2844401_n 148302_10151436294961788_835064257_n 19210_10151436303051788_1111786009_n 406111_10151436302911788_693027238_n 408429_10151436303271788_820251238_n 304264_10151436303396788_1921315656_n

Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Goolsby!

A special thanks to the following vendors….
Coordination: Events by Shelbi Rene
Ceremony/Reception: The Cotton Mill
Photography: Erica Joyce Photography
Rentals: Ducky Bobs

Patrick and Kendra Drew | Dallas Wedding | Dallas Wedding Coordinator

This wedding I am posting today is near and “deer” to my heart because it is my cousin Kendra’s wedding. Kendra and Patrick’s Fall wedding was one of the most beautiful weddings I’ve ever helped coordinate. Also one of the most difficult weddings I’ve ever coordinated since I was a bridesmaid too! Regardless, the weekend was perfect and the weather cooperated beautifully which was lucky for us since we didn’t really have a back up plan.

One of the things I loved most about Kendra and Patrick’s wedding is how traditional they were with their wedding. My aunt (and mom) married at the same location that Kendra chose to have her reception and thus there are many photos that reflect sweet traditions passed down from generation to generation. Additionally, the bride and groom incorporated activities that reflected their own personalities. The theme of the wedding was “Antlers and Lace” since the groom loves to hunt and the bride loves all things pretty. Kendra is an artist, so they set up a “Paint by Number” table for guests to participate in during the hors d’oeuvres hour. Patrick loves to fish so guests were provided real worms and fishing poles to fish in the creek near the reception location. There was a photo booth, furniture where guests could lounge, a fire to roast smores and at the end of the night, a mesmerizing Chinese lantern lighting. Every detail was well thought out and lucky for us, Erin Woolsey was there to capture it all.

In true fashion, Robert, better known as “Bobert”, forgot his suit in time for pictures.

And here comes the fun part. These next few photos are pictures from my aunt Kelly’s wedding in 1983 against her daughter Kendra’s wedding in 2012. These photos are taken in the exact same locations, 29 years apart!

Kendra’s mom, Kelly, and her bridesmaids on the left. Kendra and her bridesmaids on the right.

My aunt Kelly and her sister, Rene` (my mom) on the left. Their daughters, me and Kendra, on the right.

The entrance to the house at Kelly’s wedding on top and the same entrance to Kendra’s wedding on bottom.

And then there’s this photo…
We just had to take the opportunity to imitate the infamous Bridesmaids movie…

Left: Kendra’s uncle Todd caught the garter at Kendra’s parents’ wedding. Right: Todd’s son Jake caught the garter at Kendra and Patrick’s wedding.

 Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Drew!!!

Creative Groomsmen Photos

Groomsmen tend to provide the comic relief for an otherwise stressful day. Below are a few of my favorite photos of groomsmen who know how to celebrate.

(click on the photos for a link to the source)

This photo by EE Photography includes the bridesmaids too…
 Ok you caught me. These are Tommy Hilfiger models but what they lack in humor they make up for in appearance. 🙂
And my all time favorite…
Have a happy Friday and for those of you getting hitched this weekend, have FUN!