Last year I had been looking for a way to volunteer with our church, The Branch, and the perfect opportunity came along when I was asked to decorate for a kick off event for the church’s volunteers.
So yeah, I basically volunteered for an event for volunteers.
The theme centered around the Lord’s Prayer and the vision was to create a sort of revolution type feel in order to encourage volunteers to jump in to a ministry that best suited their talents. The event was enormous and with around 700 guests expected and an entire church to decorate on a limited budget, it was certainly a challenge. The Branch’s Creative Director had already designed a logo and brochure for the event, so we decided to carry over his red, blue and green color scheme into the entire event. Needless to say there were many obstacles to overcome (40 foot ceilings, streamers falling into the baptistry, etc.) but with the help of the staff we were able to pull off a beautiful event. Special thanks to Kendra for the following photos…

We used butcher paper to imitate the logo on the columns in the sanctuary and folded red, blue and green paper to make streamed to hang over the baptistery.  
In the gym we put the food buffet on the stage with the GO! logo lit up on the curtain behind. Each of the gym’s walls were lit with red, blue and green spotlights. We also served red, blue and green slushies in front of the stage which were a huge hit.
This made me think “Go! Go! Go! Go!” which is I guess what we were going for…
A special thank you to The Branch staff and my husband who risked heights and electrocution to hang streamers, lights and strips of fabric and butcher paper all for the cause. 🙂