DIY Pumpkin Spice Stirrers
I have this friend Amanda and she is a genius. A few weeks ago she left these on my desk with special instructions to put them in my coffee: Now, one thing you should know about me is that I like my coffee 90% sugar and 10% coffee and also have a strong affection for all things pumpkin so I was not in the least bit hesitant to give this a try and it was life-changing. I put about six kisses in my 5 oz cup but the great thing is, you can add as many or little as you want [...]
Power of Prevention Online Auction
 I have donated two hours of event planning services to the Power of Prevention Online Auction going on right now and you could win! You may use these hours for any event or wedding from now until October 2013, including all new and existing clients, so help save a life and place your bid!If you would like to bid, please go to: http://www.32auctions.com/organizations/4650/auctions/5147/auction_items/101926You will need to create an account by creating a user name and adding your email and phone number. Other bidders will not be able to see this information; they will only see your user name. The email [...]
Flowerpot Food Covers
Summer is coming to a close for most areas of the country but for Texas the weather is just now bearable enough to go outside! I love this idea from Martha Stewart to use flower pots at food covers and trays, especially with the influx of insects we've had this year due to our mild winter. You could use a variety of sizes depending on the food you wanted to cover and these can easily be found at any store with a garden center (Walmart, Lowes, Calloways to name a few). I would paint the lids with chalkboard paint so [...]
Back to School Snack
I saw these cheese stick pencils the other day while browsing Etsy and since school is almost back in session I had to share…Passion for Parties used pink wafer cookies to resemble giant erasers and for the pencils they used cheese sticks as the base with tiny pepperoni as the eraser and bugles topped with raisins for the pencil lead. For a full tutorial on how to make these, visit Money Wise Moms.
Olympic Rings Cocktail
I saw this lovely Olympic Rings cocktail on Pinterest but after searching online I was unable to find a recipe. I would imagine you could create your own easily using the following ingredients:Champagne or sparkling cider Blue, yellow, green and red food coloringLife Ring ice tray:Poor water and a couple drops of food coloring into each of the rings of the ice tray and freeze. Once frozen, add to your glass with your Champagne or sparkling cider. Another option would be to use Lifesavers candies as the colored rings which can also add a unique flavor to your drink though [...]