Table Numbers
Escort Cards, Place Cards and Seating Charts
I recommend reserved seating at any event whether you are having a seated dinner or not. Here's why. Who your guests sit with and where they sit leaves a lasting impression and can determine whether or not your guests enjoy themselves. You might assume your guests won't be sitting at their table much and perhaps they won't but you don't want your guests feeling left out, stressed out or bummed out because they are sitting next to complete strangers. The only disadvantages to having a seating chart is the necessity to know the status of each and every one of your [...]
A Little Birdie Told Me…
Etsy inspired me to put together a little inspiration board for a Peacock themed event. These colors are great for any season but for some reason they scream winter to me with the icy blues, teals, purples and whites. I have included the links to many of these products below in case you're wondering how you can purchase them for your own Peacock-inspired event!1. Peacock Shoe Clips are great because you can buy your own shoes and dazzle them with these!2. Peacock Earrings would make a statement with a winter white wedding dress.3. Peacock Table Numbers. These would also be [...]