Super Bowl Party

I searched the Internet extensively for a Super Bowl party to feature before last weekend but came up short. I couldn’t find much of anything. Then it dawned on me that most of us would probably rather spend more of our time and energy on a Valentine’s party at this time of year than a football party and so I made the last minute decision to whip up a few ideas for an easy, generic Super Bowl party that can be carried over year after year.

I tried not to be partial to either team and chose to use a black, green, brown, white and silver color scheme. I found the glitter paper at Target, two sheets for $1 (which is a deal my friends). Normally glitter paper can cost up to $2 for just one sheet! Then I scavenged my house (and Walmart) for anything that matched the color scheme to throw on the table. My favorite part of the whole table though are the little helmets on top of the sodas. They would be super cute in your team’s colors and if you want to get fancy you could even try to paint your team’s logos on the side!

The cookies are from La Rosette Bakery. Not only did they look cute, they tasted wonderful. Everyone easily agreed they were the some of the best sugar cookies they’d ever tasted.

Thank you to Cassie for hosting at her house and for taking photos for me!

Super Bowl XLV

I’ve been so focused on Valentine’s Day I nearly forgot about the Super Bowl! The Super Bowl is a perfect excuse to throw a party even if you’re a Dallas Cowboy fan and not so excited about either of the teams headed to play at our stadium. Can you tell I’m over it?

The Super Bowl is not just about the game though. It’s also about the commericals (my favorite), the half time show, the food (my other favorite) and the fellowship (ok whatever I like it all)! I heard the other day that the Super Bowl is men’s Valentine’s Day or more plainly put, the Super Bowl is for men and Valentine’s is for women. I think it’s no mistake that there are hundreds upon hundreds of Valentine’s themed parties out there but when it comes to the Super Bowl…not so much. I am planning my own Super Bowl party year this year but in the meantime here are a few ideas to equip you with a knock out party!

First of all, check out Andrea Correale’s tip for ways to spice up your Super Bowl party here. I love this table she made for the Super Bowl though you’ll have to switch out the Jets helmet!

As for food, my go-to websites for recipes mostly include The Food Network and Our Best Bites. Here are just a few of many ideas for snack foods on game day…

Being from Texas, my husband and I LIVE for Queso. We normally make the Rotel/Velveeta queso because it is cheap and easy but this recipe from Our Best Bites looks mighty tasty too. I think I’ll give it a whirl for this year’s Super Bowl especially since we hold a special place in our heart for blanco (white) queso.

My best friend makes this Jalapeno Popper Dip often and ya’ll I can eat the whole thing by myself. Her only recommendation is that you use half if not a fourth of the jalapenos because it can get spicy fast. I’m a spicy fan myself so half is good for me…I think.

I saw a recipe for Guacamole on Whole Food’s website and since it was made specifically in honor of the Super Bowl I would like to try it out this year. The picture above is actually not the recipe for this quacamole but it is a creative way to display any guacamole if you choose to make it.
I’m pretty sure your husband will flip if you make (or buy) wings for Super Bowl Sunday. The Food Network offers many buffalo wing recipes with all kinds of sauces. My hubbies’ favorite is honey barbeque wings and Ranch dressing.

Our Best Bites created these particular sliders for Better Homes and Garden and being a huge fan of crispy onion stings I’m already sold.

I had to include a recipe from Paula Deen and these chili bowls are great because they are bite size and would work well on a decorated food table. You could even make cupcake toppers to stick out of the tops of these. Who says cupcake toppers have to go on cupcakes?

Speaking of cupcakes, there is no shortage of ideas out there for Super Bowl parties. In fact, over at,  Jeanne Benedict has several ideas for cupcakes including Ref, Trophy and Hamburger cupcakes! My favorite cupcakes, though, are these by the talented Bakerella

If you can’t find football candles as pictured above, Bakerella gives step-by-step instructions on how to make these football Oreo balls…and also on how NOT to make them. 🙂 They can also be made into cake balls and served by themselves.

As for other desserts…

I saw this idea from Martha Stewart last year and thought it looked as enticing as it would taste.
A cake is always an easy way to incorporate any theme. The Food Network offers a recipe for this cake but of course you can always order one from a local bakery as well.
Now let’s talk party supplies. Etsy already has plenty of shops with everything from cupcake toppers to banners for both the Steelers and the Packers. For Steelers party supplies try here and here. For the Packers, go here or here. For both teams, go here or here. If you plan on doing invitations, I love this idea:
 And these would be cute if you plan on doing a generic party…
In fact, if you have Silhouette or Cricut machine, you can buy football themed scrapbook paper from an arts and crafts store and make your own cupcake wrappers! The possibilities are endless! Check back next week for a post about our Super Bowl party!