Mod Podge Pumpkins

Last month one of the girls in our Book Club hosted a Pumpkin Painting Party at her house. I didn’t really have an idea of how I would like to paint my pumpkins but had seen these pumpkins on Pinterest and thought I might try to create something similar to match my house. Of course, I did not listen to directions and bought scrapbook paper instead of using copy paper which indeed made the task much more difficult since the paper was so thick. I advise using tissue paper, napkins and or copy paper if you plan on trying this project. It will be MUCH easier. The original website suggests photo-copying fabric but says not to use actual fabric.

Despite the fact that I did not follow directions, I think my pumpkins turned out all right! There are a few bumps here and there but it adds character right? I tried to match that tallest pumpkin with the pillow you see on the couch in the background. For the smallest pumpkin I actually used pages from an old book I found at Goodwill. Word to the wise: be sure to read the content in books before you rip up the pages to use for décor. I may or may not have had to skip a couple pages due to the abundance of curse words. Oops. 🙂

If you want the full tutorial I followed, visit Confessions of a Plate Addict for step-by-step instructions.

Also, be sure to visit Kate’s blog, Cheap Crafty Mama, for more pictures from our Pumpkin Painting Party and for more crafty ideas!

Monster Bash

My good friend Amanda threw a smashing Monster Bash this weekend and though I had to miss it (she lives 5 hours away) she graciously shared her photos with me to share with you! She is quite the hostess and paid special attention in her decor and food selection. If you’re quick, you might be able to use her ideas for tonight…enjoy!

The hostess with the mostest:
She made this burlap banner herself with stencils and paint.
I love the direction signs!
Do you see the bats in the lampshade and the spiders on the wall?
Cobwebs, bats, spiders and pumpkins in the light fixtures. She thought of everything!
Painted pumpkins are an easy way to add a little flare to your Halloween decor AND these could easily carry over into Fall/Thanksgiving as well!
Pick your poison.
The candy table…

I just had to share this last picture. They had a costume contest and this was my personal favorite…
 They are Ceiling Fans…get it?!? So clever and easy if you’re in need of a last minute costume idea!
May you all have a happy and blessed Halloween!

Pottery Barn Halloween

I know we’re all well aware of Pottery Barn’s wicked decorating talents. I mean, that’s WHAT they do right? BUT this year’s Halloween decor just blew me out of the water. If anyone could make Halloween decor look gorgeous, it would be Pottery Barn and they did just that. Sometimes I hestiate to decorate for Halloween (even though I love Halloween) because it can get a little tricky (pun intended). Halloween decor is well known for being either too spooky or too cheesy but I think Pottery Barn has put a classy spin on this year’s decor. See for yourself…

 The is more of a fall decor than Halloween but I had to include it because it’s pretty and I have a weakness for mercury glass.


 Burlap ghosts. Really? Too cute for words. I’d try to make these myself but I’m afraid I’d catch the burlap on fire.
 I need an old yellow truck for my front yard, stat!
I can’t wait to entertain this fall!

Happy Halloween!

I have been itching to host a Halloween party for years but it has just never been the right time. Last week (a week before Halloween) I finally decided to bite the bullet, live in the moment and just do it! I’m so glad I did so that now I can actually share my own Halloween party but I think next time my husband would appreciate it if I made up my mind more than a week before the party!

I wanted the theme to work for a Halloween party but also for a Fall or Thanksgiving party since Halloween would be over by the time I was going to be able to post pictures. My inspiration for the color scheme came from a Halloween sign that I’ve had for years. I tried to use a lot of whites and browns and a just a little black and orange. I even threw some gold in there! If you change the signage, I think this party would be perfect throughout November too.

An easy decorating tip: scrapbook paper comes in all different colors, themes and designs at your local craft store. Whenever you decide on a color scheme, peruse the scrapbook paper aisles to find papers that match your theme. Then you can use them as backdrops on chargers or plates to add a pop of color that not only creates an interesting aesthetic but also turns those boring old plates into something new and unique! I found my papers on sale at Michael’s and just cut them to fit the size of my chargers.  
Mummy Dogs. Pigs in a blanket with mustard eyes!
These “Nutty Ghosts” are SO EASY to make! Dip Nutter Butters in white chocolate and then add eyes with icing.
Caramel Apple toppings: Halloween Sprinkles, Crushed Kit Kat, Crushed Pecans and Heath Bar.
I used tree branches as the apples sticks for two reasons: they’re affordable and adorable!
I found these “Dragon Blood” labels on Martha Stewart and just changed the name on the label.
For smores I had three different types of marshmallows, Hershey’s bars, Cookies and Cream Hershey Bars and Reeses to put on Regular and Cinnamon Graham crackers! How’s that for a smore!?
There’s a tutorial for these Witches Brooms bags on Martha Stewart also.

I made all the printables on Microsoft Word because I know not everyone out there has access to Photoshop or knows how to use it for that matter. I used the drawing tool to make the circles and then placed a text box in the center. The outer yellow circle is 1.97″ with a 3 pt. thickness so that I could use a 2″ circle cutter to cut my circles perfectly. Then I bought full sheets of sticker paper from an office supply store, cut the circles and stuck them on black cardstock! Easy smeasy…minus all the problems I had with my printer (it needed more cleaning pads…whatever those are). Sometimes technology is so great, other times…
I hope everyone had a Happy Halloween! November is one of my favorite months so I am excited about what is it to come. I am coordinating a wedding this weekend so you won’t hear much from me this week but look for more Thanksgiving ideas soon!

Vintage Halloween Party by Sweets Indeed

This vintage Halloween dessert table by Sweets Indeed caught my eye immediately. The black lace is gorgeous yet creepy and who would’ve thought to use Monarch butterflies in a Halloween display? Simply genius! Also, using purple seems to be a common trend in this year’s party designs and I love it! It really adds a pop to the usual black and orange. Be sure to visit the Sweets Indeed blog for more eye candy of this beautiful display!

Photography by: The Pixel Studio
Vintage Prop Pieces by: Found Vintage Rentals
Cookies by: Sophie Hogarth
Cake by: Rebecca Lehman
Design, styling, paper goods and other desserts by: Sweets Indeed