Gender Reveal Parties
Dual Gender Baby Shower
It is trending right now for parents to wait to find out the baby's gender until the birth date. Not knowing the baby's gender can make planning a shower difficult and many are opting to host sip n' sees after the baby is born but today I want to share with you a way you can throw a shower prior to the baby's birth.My cousin Chandra and her husband decided to keep the gender of their baby a surprise but this is their first baby and they had zero baby supplies. As a result, we decided to plan a dual [...]
Nuetral Gender Reveal Party
If you haven't heard of "gender reveal" parties yet, allow me to enlighten you. Gender reveal parties are the newest trend designed to reveal the gender of a baby to the guests (and often the parents) in a party setting. When parents go in for the ultra sound, they ask their nurse to put the gender of the baby in a sealed envelope. The parents then give the envelope to a bakery which makes a cake dyed in pink or blue and covers it in frosting to hide the color. At the party the parents cut into the cake revealing the gender of the [...]