Dual Gender Baby Shower

It is trending right now for parents to wait to find out the baby’s gender until the birth date. Not knowing the baby’s gender can make planning a shower difficult and many are opting to host sip n’ sees after the baby is born but today I want to share with you a way you can throw a shower prior to the baby’s birth.

My cousin Chandra and her husband decided to keep the gender of their baby a surprise but this is their first baby and they had zero baby supplies. As a result, we decided to plan a dual gender shower for both a boy and a girl as opposed to a gender neutral shower. Chandra had already picked out the name Layla for a girl and Drake for a boy, so we split the room in two and decorated one table with all things boy and the other all things girl! We tried to split up the foods into “boy” foods and “girl” foods but when my husband saw the veggies on the boy table he promptly informed us that vegetables are NOT boy food. They matched the boy table better so we left them. What does he know anyway?

First I want to share the invitation which was designed by the guest of honor’s sister, Aubrey. Chandra and her sister are the principle designers/photographers for Three.

 Could they be any cuter?!

 Is it a Drake or is it a Layla?
 We made mustaches and lips to put on straws using my Silhouette.

 This Peppermint Punch via Better Homes and Gardens was a hit!

Upon arrival guests were encouraged to choose either a Drake or Layla pin to determine which they thought the baby would be. We made snails for Drake’s pin and flowers for Layla’s.
 Since Chandra didn’t know what she was having, some guests opted to bring money or gift cards instead of gifts. We had them hang their cards on our money “tree” (bird cage).
 Guests were also encouraged to decorate neutral onesies for the baby-to-be. We printed out pictures to help guests with ideas but this creative crowd didn’t need our help.

As a side note, this theme would also work well for a gender reveal party. The concept might be the complete opposite but the theme works for both!

Oh and for the record, It’s a Layla! Born January 16, 2012 at a healthy 9 lbs. 4 oz.
Birth announcements by Three.

Nuetral Gender Reveal Party

If you haven’t heard of “gender reveal” parties yet, allow me to enlighten you. Gender reveal parties are the newest trend designed to reveal the gender of a baby to the guests (and often the parents) in a party setting. When parents go in for the ultra sound, they ask their nurse to put the gender of the baby in a sealed envelope. The parents then give the envelope to a bakery which makes a cake dyed in pink or blue and covers it in frosting to hide the color. At the party the parents cut into the cake revealing the gender of the baby to the parents and guests! Yay! Isn’t that such a fun way to share the gender of your future kiddo?
I’m not big on surprises (I AM big on guessing surprises) so chances are I will not be patient enough to wait to cut a cake, but I love the idea of putting a blue or pink colored jelly bean inside a cupcake and having all the guests take a bite at the same time to find out the gender!
There are so many fun ways to celebrate gender reveal parties. I have seen guests wear either a pink or blue t-shirt to show what they think the gender of the baby will be and I have also seen these parties done in a whole range of colors other than pink and blue such as orange and yellow, pink and green and purple and pink.
Or, you can opt to use a neutral palatte like photographer Jessica Liane did for her baby’s gender reveal party! The only gender specific colors she used are inside the cake! This party is a favorite of mine because Jessica had a budget and stuck with it! Just one more example that you don’t have to spend the big bucks to design a gorgeous party!
Guests were encouraged to cast their vote on which gender they thought the baby would be.
This is such a great idea for not only a gender reveal party but also a baby shower…the food was inspired by Jessica’s cravings during her pregancy!
Jessica found florals at Michaels for 50% off to make her arrangements…they look real to me!
It’s a boy! Notice the blue piece of cake?!