Super Bowl Party

I searched the Internet extensively for a Super Bowl party to feature before last weekend but came up short. I couldn’t find much of anything. Then it dawned on me that most of us would probably rather spend more of our time and energy on a Valentine’s party at this time of year than a football party and so I made the last minute decision to whip up a few ideas for an easy, generic Super Bowl party that can be carried over year after year.

I tried not to be partial to either team and chose to use a black, green, brown, white and silver color scheme. I found the glitter paper at Target, two sheets for $1 (which is a deal my friends). Normally glitter paper can cost up to $2 for just one sheet! Then I scavenged my house (and Walmart) for anything that matched the color scheme to throw on the table. My favorite part of the whole table though are the little helmets on top of the sodas. They would be super cute in your team’s colors and if you want to get fancy you could even try to paint your team’s logos on the side!

The cookies are from La Rosette Bakery. Not only did they look cute, they tasted wonderful. Everyone easily agreed they were the some of the best sugar cookies they’d ever tasted.

Thank you to Cassie for hosting at her house and for taking photos for me!