Patrick and Kendra Drew | Dallas Wedding | Dallas Wedding Coordinator
This wedding I am posting today is near and "deer" to my heart because it is my cousin Kendra's wedding. Kendra and Patrick's Fall wedding was one of the most beautiful weddings I've ever helped coordinate. Also one of the most difficult weddings I've ever coordinated since I was a bridesmaid too! Regardless, the weekend was perfect and the weather cooperated beautifully which was lucky for us since we didn't really have a back up plan. One of the things I loved most about Kendra and Patrick's wedding is how traditional they were with their wedding. My aunt (and mom) [...]
Happy Fall Ya’ll {Etsy Finds}
I am aware that summer is not officially over, but in Texas we got a taste of cooler weather this week which is unheard of for August and it reminded me that Fall is just around the corner! As a result, I can't help but anticipate my favorite season with a few Etsy finds that I would love to get my hands on…Pumpkin Cheesecake Lip BalmPumpkin Pie Butter CaramelsWhite Pumpkin SoapAutumn Leaves and Acorns CookiesVintage Book PumpkinsHappy Fall Ya'll (soon)!
Fall Shower for Baby Jayde
Last Fall I helped host a shower for one of my best friends from college, Lynsday. Lyndsay and I were in a sorority together in college and although we were in the same pledge class, we didn't really get to know each other until we became officers together our Senior year. I remember the first time we had lunch together. We shared our visions for the upcoming year and it was like we were reading each other's minds. We both knew immediately that we were going to make a great team. Fast forward to present day and we're still working [...]
Mod Podge Pumpkins
Last month one of the girls in our Book Club hosted a Pumpkin Painting Party at her house. I didn't really have an idea of how I would like to paint my pumpkins but had seen these pumpkins on Pinterest and thought I might try to create something similar to match my house. Of course, I did not listen to directions and bought scrapbook paper instead of using copy paper which indeed made the task much more difficult since the paper was so thick. I advise using tissue paper, napkins and or copy paper if you plan on trying this [...]
Matt and Leslie Keathley
I have known Matt and Leslie since college. Leslie and I were officers together in our sorority and Matt was in my husband’s fraternity but at the time Matt and Leslie hardly knew each other! Isn’t it funny how you can cross paths with your soul mate and not even know it? After they graduated they both ended up in Dallas with mutual friends and next thing I know Leslie is asking me to coordinate her wedding!Matt and Leslie’s wedding day was nothing short of perfect. It wasn’t too hot, too cold, too windy or rainy. Leslie was more stunning than ever [...]