Shoe Lovelies {Etsy Finds}

I found the most Blue-tiful (get it? Get It?) wedding idea on Etsy today. Check it out:


So the shoes are not for sale, but what IS for sale is that fantastic feather adornment (or “lovelies” as the Etsy seller likes to call them) on the front of the shoes AND they are made custom to YOUR SHOES! Amazing right? So whether you’re in need of something blue for a white shoe or you already have something blue and want to pizzazz it up a bit or maybe you’re like me and just have an obsession with feathers, rhinestones and cuteness…how perfect would these be?

I had the hardest time finding great shoes for my wedding and I’m telling you, these will have everybody asking “Where DID you get THOSE?!” AND since they are custom made, no one will have the same pair of wedding shoes as you! So chic. So cool. I’m. In. LOVE!

Caramel Apple Soap {Etsy Finds}

Every now and then I will let you know of my latest Etsy finds. If you have never been to you’re missing out. Etsy is an online marketplace focused mostly on handmade and vintage items and includes everything from paper products and party supplies to home decor and fashion. If you’re looking for something unique or vintage, Etsy is the place to go. I was just browsing through the site the other day and happened to come across the most adorable handmade soap (yes, soap) I have ever seen. Check it out:

Can you believe these are SOAPS!?! Wouldn’t they be cute next to your sink for a Halloween party or the Fall season? They would also make a great teacher or hostess gift! I love them so much I want to eat them AND they’re only $4 an apple! If you want these you better hurry up! Many Etsy vendors handmake their products and have a limited supply. Go here to view these and other items in this seller’s shop. Anyone else craving a caramel apple!?