Lace Bridal Shower

The best man in our wedding is engaged and I had the pleasure of designing the shower for his bride-to-be a couple weekends ago! We were told that the bride liked lace and that the wedding colors included grey and blush pink so we based our theme off of these tidbits.

Never underestimate the power of Baby’s Breath. Bunches of these babies together are simply breathtaking. I made the centerpiece above by wrapping the stems of the baby’s breath with floral wire and sticking them into a half circle of floral foam. Below I stuck stems directly into the chandelier.
A few lace touches: I used my Silhouette to cut wrappers for the water bottles that resembled lace (top right), folded doilies onto the napkins (middle right), and wrapped bottles with lace and blush pink ribbon (bottom right).
For the food, we wanted to serve individual servings rather than full plates so we incorporated mini foods such as veggie cups with ranch dip at the bottom, mini shrimp cocktails and chicken salad served in tiny glasses with mini forks. My mother-in-law and her sweet friends hosted the shower and did a beautiful job executing the mini foods. The display was better than I could have imagined. If I didn’t know better, I would have thought it had been catered!
The invitations (top right) were designed by none other than Three. We made personalized cupcakes in a jar (above) with a sticker on top that said “J & J” (Jamie and Jerrod) and coordinated the colors with the shower. These were the bride’s personal favorite and many guests ended up taking these home as favors.

We ordered Bunditinis from Nothing Bundt Cakes. If you’ve never tasted these before you’re missing out. They will change your life.
I wanted to incorporate the letter W, the first letter of the groom’s last name, in as many ways as possible. I used a tutorial online to make the yarn letter W which I gave to the couple at the end of the shower to keep. (I just Googled “yarn letter tutorial”…I don’t remember which tutorial I used but there are many!) I made Strawberry Shortcake and piped white chocolate W’s to stick out of the top. To make these, I sprayed wax paper with Pam, melted pink white chocolate (which I found at Michaels…you could also just put food coloring in white chocolate) and used an icing bag to pipe the letters onto the wax paper. When they dry they peel easily off the wax paper and you can use them however you want!
Congratulations Jamie and Jerrod! We can’t wait for the wedding!!!  
A special thanks to the hostesses: Malena, Cyndy, Judy, Cynthia, Janie, Karen and Merry!

DIY Baby Shower Gift

I found my new go-to baby shower gift and it’s all about presentation. I have been told babies can never have enough socks and wash rags but that’s just so PRACTICAL and dare I say it, boring. Unless, of course, they are disguised as…

Cute right? Well guess what? They’re easy to make too. Here’s what you need:
  • Baby socks
  • Cupcake Liners
  • Twine (rubber bands work too)
  • Baby washcloths

And here’s what you do:

1. Fold a washcloth in half, hot dog style.
2. Fold the washcloth in half again.
3. Take one baby sock (not the pair, just one) and stick your finger through the top of it to bunch it a little.
4. Lay the sock on your washcloth and begin rolling.
5. Once you have rolled the sock completely in the washcloth, repeat steps 1-5 with two more washcloths. One “cupcake” needs three washcloths.
6. Tie your twine around the final washcloth to hold it in place.

And there you have it! Plain old boring socks and washcloths turned into dessert! I was able to make six cupcakes since I bought three pairs of socks and presented them in a cupcake box to top it off. There’s a tutorial at Martha Stewart Weddings if you want to make your own “treat” box. Trust me, your mommas-to-be will LOVE it!

DIY No-Sew Pacifier Clips

I made these pacifier clips after seeing them on Pinterest but there was not a tutorial so I thought I’d share how I made mine.


Materials Needed:

  • Suspender/Mitten Clips (I actually used Ironing Board Clips I found at Jo Ann’s because they were cheaper than buying multiple packages of individual suspender clips.)
  • Velcro tape
  • Glue gun/ glue sticks (or thread/ sewing machine)
  • 12-inch long ribbon (as many as you want for however many clips you want to make)
  • Optional: beads, lace, twine or anything else you want to use to dress up your clips.
First of all, I’m no seamstress. I don’t even know how to put the thread in a sewing machine, much less actually sew. I used hot glue for this project and they turned out fine. If you want to sew these, more power to you!
1. If you bought the Ironing Board Clips like I did, you will need to cut the elastic off of the clips. If you bought individual suspender clips, you can skip this step. 
2. String about an inch of your ribbon through the loop at the top of the suspender clip. Make sure the ribbon is facing the correct direction if it has a back side (the front of the ribbon will face the same direction as the front of the suspender clip).
3. Glue (or sew) your ribbon together to secure the suspender clip onto the ribbon.
4. Cut square pieces of velcro. Secure the velcro about one inch apart on the back side of the ribbon, on the opposite end of the ribbon from the suspender clip. This is where the pacifier will attach. Since the velcro is sticky it will remain secure but you can reinforce by sewing if you want. I did not reinforce with hot glue because it would have shown through many of the ribbons I had chosen.
If you want to attach a pacifier, it helps complete the presentation. For those babies that do not use a pacifier, these come in handy for attaching teething rings or toys too.
If you’re a mom, you know the suspender clip attaches to the baby’s outfit and the velcro is used to attach the pacifier but for those of you who did not know, there you go. My husband and brother saw these and thought they were garter belt clips. Yep. 
Another thought: these would be fun to make as a craft at a baby shower! These clips were obviously made for a baby girl but you can use the same tutorial to make baby boy pacifier clips and just use more masculine ribbon instead. Masculine ribbon sounds like an oxymoron doesn’t it?
Side note: You’ll notice I did not use beads on these particular pacifier clips but depending on the ribbon you choose, the embellishment possibilities are endless. I made the tulle clip by stringing the tulle through the suspender clip three times and securing with hot glue. I then used twine to tie around the middle twice and a bow at the top.

DIY Diaper Wrapped Bottles

Remember these diaper-wrapped orange juices from Jayde’s baby shower
Today I am going to share with you how I made them!
 Materials Needed:
  • Glass Bottles. I bought these Archer Farms Lattes from Target to use as my bottles. You can buy milk bottles at various online party shops but I was in a time crunch and liked the size of these.
  • Spray paint. I used silver but you can choose whatever color you want to coordinate with the colors of your party.
  • Gauze
  • Baby diaper pins (I found mine at Buy Buy Baby).
1. Peel the labels off, pour out the liquid and wash the bottles in the dishwasher. If you buy the Archer Farms Lattes like I did, you could leave the Latte in the bottle but I just didn’t think the Lattes wrapped in diapers looked very appetizing. If you want to fill your bottles with a different drink you will need to empty and wash them before making the diapers. I do NOT recommend putting the lids in the dishwasher because I realized afterward that it made it harder to screw the lids back on once they had been put through the dishwasher. Instead, I recommend scrubbing the lids lightly with warm water and soap in the sink. 
2. Spray the lids with spray paint.
3. While the lids are drying, cut 24-inch strips of gauze for each bottle.
4. Wrap the gauze twice around the bottle and tie into a knot.

5. On the opposite side of the knot, stick a diaper pin into the gauze.
6. When the lids are finished drying you can pour whatever drink you want into the bottles, put the lids back on the bottles and viola! Your very own diaper wrapped bottles!
To personalize these for a shower, you could put a sticker on the top of the lids with the baby’s monogram. I ran out of time but it would be super cute!