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Last Fall we threw a French Boudoir themed lingerie shower (aka personal shower) for my sweet cousin Kendra. In the South, lingerie showers are as common as bridal showers but the inspiration is still quite limited online so I was excited for the challenge to come up with something unique.

Photos courtesy of The Three Photography.


I knew I wanted to use drawers on the food table as well as present a bedroom type look for the table and surrounding area. I raided my mom’s house for shabby chic drawers and lined the inside with scrapbook paper in pastel hues. I then stacked the drawers and added tulle and candles to romance the setting. I hung sheer curtains to give the illusion of a canopy bed and tied tulle ribbon to white strung lights to resemble stars. I also incorporated lace to tie back to the lingerie theme. We displayed the food in the drawers and when the guest of honor began opening her gifts, we removed the food and displayed the gifts in the drawers for guests to view.

The menu included Pumpkin Spice Lattes upon arrival. In the drawers we displayed hors d’oeuvres such as corn dip, zucchini slices and fruit and cheese trays. For dessert we offered homemade Nutella Cheesecake in chocolate cups and an assortment of La Madeline bakery items. We presented most of the food in individual servings to give the impression that the food had been professionally prepared.

At her bridal shower a few weeks prior, I interviewed Kendra’s closest friends and family with questions about her and her fiancé’s relationship. At the lingerie shower, we played the video for entertainment while Kendra opened her gifts. I also interviewed Kendra and Patrick with the same questions and played their responses at the end. Watching someone open lingerie can be slightly awkward so the video helped lighten the mood. Below are the questions I asked:

How did Kendra and Patrick meet?
When did Kendra and Patrick start dating?
Who made the first move?
Who said “I love you” first?
Who will be in control of the checkbook?
Who spends more money?
When should Kendra and Patrick start having kids?
Who has the crazier family, Kendra or Patrick?
Where should Kendra and Patrick go on their honeymoon?
What is your advice for the best way to work out a disagreement?
Any other advice for the newlyweds?

We made Pumpkin Spice Sugar Scrub to put in mini mason jars and tied with lace and a spoon for guests to take home as a party favor. There are several recipes online but we used the following for 30 small jars:

8 Cups of Brown Sugar
4 Cups of Granulated Sugar
8 Tablespoons of Pumpkin Pie Spice
4 Cups of Vegetable Oil

A special thanks to all of the hostesses who helped with the shower: Aubrey, Chanea, Krista, Chandra, Brittany, Rachel, Emily, Amy, Ashton and Lauren!

DIY Fancy Clothespins

For Jayde’s Baby Shower I made decorative clothespins to hang the onesies the hostesses made. I am confident I’m not the first person to ever do this but today I am going to share with you how I did it.

Materials Needed:

Mod Podge
Scrapbook paper
Sandpaper (optional)


  1. Spray paint your clothespins the color you would like them. I spray painted my clothespins to be a copper/champagne color to match the scrapbook paper I had picked.
  2. Use a dry clothespin to start tracing on your scrapbook paper. If you want to multitask you can set aside one clothespin sans spray paint to trace while the rest of the clothespins are drying.
  3. Cut out your traced clothespin.
  4. Once your clothespins have completely dried, spread Mod Podge on one side of the clothespin and stick your scrapbook paper to the clothespin. Let it dry and then spread more Mod Podge on top of the paper.
  5. This step is optional. If you have excess scrapbook paper on the sides of your clothespins you can shave it off with sandpaper.

Decorated clothespins can be used to hang onesies at a baby shower, lingerie at a Bachelorette Party or shower, food menu cards, the possibilities are endless. In fact, I used the same clothespins from Jayde’s shower to hang my Christmas Cards last December:

Also, I recently saw these fancy clothespins used for gift wrapping and to hang pictures:

View the full tutorial for these flower clothespins at Creature Comforts.

Lace Bridal Shower

The best man in our wedding is engaged and I had the pleasure of designing the shower for his bride-to-be a couple weekends ago! We were told that the bride liked lace and that the wedding colors included grey and blush pink so we based our theme off of these tidbits.

Never underestimate the power of Baby’s Breath. Bunches of these babies together are simply breathtaking. I made the centerpiece above by wrapping the stems of the baby’s breath with floral wire and sticking them into a half circle of floral foam. Below I stuck stems directly into the chandelier.
A few lace touches: I used my Silhouette to cut wrappers for the water bottles that resembled lace (top right), folded doilies onto the napkins (middle right), and wrapped bottles with lace and blush pink ribbon (bottom right).
For the food, we wanted to serve individual servings rather than full plates so we incorporated mini foods such as veggie cups with ranch dip at the bottom, mini shrimp cocktails and chicken salad served in tiny glasses with mini forks. My mother-in-law and her sweet friends hosted the shower and did a beautiful job executing the mini foods. The display was better than I could have imagined. If I didn’t know better, I would have thought it had been catered!
The invitations (top right) were designed by none other than Three. We made personalized cupcakes in a jar (above) with a sticker on top that said “J & J” (Jamie and Jerrod) and coordinated the colors with the shower. These were the bride’s personal favorite and many guests ended up taking these home as favors.

We ordered Bunditinis from Nothing Bundt Cakes. If you’ve never tasted these before you’re missing out. They will change your life.
I wanted to incorporate the letter W, the first letter of the groom’s last name, in as many ways as possible. I used a tutorial online to make the yarn letter W which I gave to the couple at the end of the shower to keep. (I just Googled “yarn letter tutorial”…I don’t remember which tutorial I used but there are many!) I made Strawberry Shortcake and piped white chocolate W’s to stick out of the top. To make these, I sprayed wax paper with Pam, melted pink white chocolate (which I found at Michaels…you could also just put food coloring in white chocolate) and used an icing bag to pipe the letters onto the wax paper. When they dry they peel easily off the wax paper and you can use them however you want!
Congratulations Jamie and Jerrod! We can’t wait for the wedding!!!  
A special thanks to the hostesses: Malena, Cyndy, Judy, Cynthia, Janie, Karen and Merry!

The Perfect Blend Bridal Shower

This shower is very near and dear to my heart not only because the bride is a good friend of mine but also because the cookies I made for this shower were the very first dessert I ever baked in our new house!

My cousins Aubrey and Kendra were the creative geniuses behind the theme and decor for the shower. The theme was “The Perfect Blend” because the bride and groom are huge coffee lovers and thus the decor included everything from coffee filter garland to personalized coffee cup sleeves!

The invitation by none other than Three of course!

The gorgeous couple, Ashton and Daniel! They may look familiar to you from our Vintage Photo Shoot last year.

These Chocolate Espresso Cookies are the cookies I made in my kitchen. 🙂

The coffee theme carried over into the party favors which were chocolate covered coffee beans in burlap and jute bags!
The master hostesses, Kendra and Aubrey! Thank you for letting me share!

To view Aubrey’s post about the shower, visit Three’s blog here.

Gelato Theme Shower

This is shower photo shoot by Enjoy Events Co is calling my name…really anything that involves gelato is calling my name but a gelato theme? Now we’re talking. Not too mention the spring colors and vintage design. This would be great for a bridal or baby shower or just a fun spring fling!

Don’t you wish you had been picked to model for this photo shoot? YUM!

The vendors responsible for this lovely display…

Event Design: Enjoy Events Co 
Photography: Edyta Szyszlo
Flowers: La Fleuriste Flower Design
Paper Products: Wiley Valentine
Vintage rentals: One True Love Vintage
Attire: Eel & Ermine
Makeup: Alifa Wong