Boy Parties
Super Bowl XLV
I've been so focused on Valentine's Day I nearly forgot about the Super Bowl! The Super Bowl is a perfect excuse to throw a party even if you're a Dallas Cowboy fan and not so excited about either of the teams headed to play at our stadium. Can you tell I'm over it?The Super Bowl is not just about the game though. It's also about the commericals (my favorite), the half time show, the food (my other favorite) and the fellowship (ok whatever I like it all)! I heard the other day that the Super Bowl is men's Valentine's Day or more [...]
Ice Skating Party
I live in Texas so I'm not going to act like I'm ever going to get to throw a party like this one (unless it's on the mall ice rink) but a girl can dream right? It snowed here this weekend though and I'm just so jealous of all you northerners who could have snow parties any day of the winter if you wanted! We'd be crazy to try and plan a party around snow in the south! For those of you who are blessed enough to see snow more than once during the winter, check out this enchanting ice skating [...]
Operation Give Thanks
Operation Shower has put together a great opportunity for you to help military families! This is from the Operation Give Thanks website:Operation Give Thanks is a nation-wide fundraising campaign to help Operation Shower continue our mission to throw amazing baby showers for military families to ease the burden of deployment.... We are often asked how to best help Operation Shower. We decided that since Operation Shower gives back to our military families through parties, so can YOU !We are asking people across the nation to host a party, big or small, between now and the end of the year to [...]
Camping Out
I don't know how the weather is around the rest of the country but here in Texas it is perfect for an outdoor party. Sunny skies and 80 degrees during the day, cool nights and a tad breeze are perfect for the newest themed party I have seen showcased often lately: campout parties! What a great theme not only for a little boy (or little girl's) birthday party but for an engagement party or couples shower as well.This first party was actually a Tom Sawyer party featured on The Party Dress. I love all the little details from the Boston Baked Beans candy party favors [...]