Brenden’s Airplane Birthday | Dallas Event Coordinator
Yesterday I had to pleasure of decorating and coordinating an airplane-themed birthday party for a very special 3-year-old. Brenden celebrated his birthday to the fullest at the Frontiers of Flight Museum with a bounce house, a band, gourmet pizza and an airplane-themed play area! I worked with his mother, Marsha, to personalize each and every decoration down to the last water bottle. Marsha's family works for Coca-Cola so it was appropriate that the party was held in the Coca-Cola room at the museum. Three created a logo for Brenden's very own airlines and we incorporated this into the signs, labels [...]
PJ’s Swag 16 Birthday | Dallas Event Coordinator
Please exuse my lack of posts in the past month. I have been a very bad blogger but would it help if I told you I have had a few projects up my sleeve and this is one of them?!Last week I designed and decorated PJ's "Swag 16" birthday party which took place at sunset on Just for Fun's Lone Star Lady cruise boat! PJ's mom, Amanda, wanted to go all out for her oldest son's milestone birthday so we picked a manly color scheme and did our best to incorporate it in as many ways as possible with only half an hour to [...]
Preston’s 26th Birthday
We went to Austin, Texas to celebrate my husband's 26th birthday and had a few friends over to celebrate. I put together a table of Preston's favorite things and went with a yellow and grey theme for the decor. Although I wanted to make my hubby feel special this year (he has helped me on so many of my other projects), simplicity was key since I wasn't sure what I would have to work with when we got to our rental house. Plus, he is a guy and though the effort is appreciated, I'm aware that the actual decor isn't [...]