Michael and Zara Agnew | Dallas Wedding Coordinator
I met Zara while working in Product Development at Fossil...

I met Zara while working in Product Development at Fossil Corporate. Her desk ended up being directly behind mine and we both determined it was meant to be when I found out she was engaged and she discovered I was a wedding coordinator! Zara’s vision was vintage and with the expertise of florist Rene` Watten, her vision became a reality. One of my favorite details of Michael and Zara’s wedding were the family wedding dresses and photos she displayed at her reception. How fitting for a fashion merchandising major and what a great opportunity to display a legacy of happy marriages! eephotome.zbma.wedding-17 eephotome.zbma.wedding-27 eephotome.zbma.wedding-5 eephotome.zbma.wedding-31 eephotome.zbma.wedding-42 eephotome.zbma.wedding-47 eephotome.zbma.wedding-60 eephotome.zbma.wedding-63 eephotome.zbma.wedding-73 eephotome.zbma.wedding-81 eephotome.zbma.wedding-82 eephotome.zbma.wedding-113 eephotome.zbma.wedding-775 eephotome.zbma.wedding-720 eephotome.zbma.wedding-83 eephotome.zbma.wedding-99 eephotome.zbma.wedding-713 eephotome.zbma.wedding-746 eephotome.zbma.wedding-787 eephotome.zbma.wedding-133

A special thanks to the following vendors….
Coordination: Events by Shelbi Rene
Officiant: David Booker
Photography: EE Photography
Videography: Design Coretex
DJ: Derrick Ramirez
Cake: Annie’s Culinary Creations
Florist: Rene` Watten
Hair/Make-Up: Mirror Mirror Amanda Ward


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