Ashley’s Lingerie Shower
You would think throwing a lingerie shower for you brother's...

You would think throwing a lingerie shower for you brother’s fiancé would be awkward but when your future sister-in-law has the body of a Victoria’s Secret model and a laid back attitude, it’s actually quite fun! We went with a gold, black and hot pink theme for Ashley’s shower complete with a homemade waffle bar and make your own mimosas. Ashley is actually gluten-free but Bisquick makes a delicious gluten-free waffle mix so she was able to join in on the waffle bar with everyone else! We interviewed my brother, asking him various questions about his and Ashley’s relationship, and then let Ashley try to guess his answers. I don’t know what it is about interviewing grooms-to-be but it never disappoints. Also, I must give props to my cousin, Kendra, for making the cutest little bra and panty cookies that you ever did see!

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