Michael and Zara Agnew | Dallas Wedding Coordinator

I met Zara while working in Product Development at Fossil Corporate. Her desk ended up being directly behind mine and we both determined it was meant to be when I found out she was engaged and she discovered I was a wedding coordinator! Zara’s vision was vintage and with the expertise of florist Rene` Watten, her vision became a reality. One of my favorite details of Michael and Zara’s wedding were the family wedding dresses and photos she displayed at her reception. How fitting for a fashion merchandising major and what a great opportunity to display a legacy of happy marriages! eephotome.zbma.wedding-17 eephotome.zbma.wedding-27 eephotome.zbma.wedding-5 eephotome.zbma.wedding-31 eephotome.zbma.wedding-42 eephotome.zbma.wedding-47 eephotome.zbma.wedding-60 eephotome.zbma.wedding-63 eephotome.zbma.wedding-73 eephotome.zbma.wedding-81 eephotome.zbma.wedding-82 eephotome.zbma.wedding-113 eephotome.zbma.wedding-775 eephotome.zbma.wedding-720 eephotome.zbma.wedding-83 eephotome.zbma.wedding-99 eephotome.zbma.wedding-713 eephotome.zbma.wedding-746 eephotome.zbma.wedding-787 eephotome.zbma.wedding-133

A special thanks to the following vendors….
Coordination: Events by Shelbi Rene
Officiant: David Booker
Photography: EE Photography
Videography: Design Coretex
DJ: Derrick Ramirez
Cake: Annie’s Culinary Creations
Florist: Rene` Watten
Hair/Make-Up: Mirror Mirror Amanda Ward


Ashley’s Lingerie Shower

You would think throwing a lingerie shower for you brother’s fiancé would be awkward but when your future sister-in-law has the body of a Victoria’s Secret model and a laid back attitude, it’s actually quite fun! We went with a gold, black and hot pink theme for Ashley’s shower complete with a homemade waffle bar and make your own mimosas. Ashley is actually gluten-free but Bisquick makes a delicious gluten-free waffle mix so she was able to join in on the waffle bar with everyone else! We interviewed my brother, asking him various questions about his and Ashley’s relationship, and then let Ashley try to guess his answers. I don’t know what it is about interviewing grooms-to-be but it never disappoints. Also, I must give props to my cousin, Kendra, for making the cutest little bra and panty cookies that you ever did see!

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Jake and Allie Roseberry| Austin Wedding Coordinator

Jake and Allie’s wedding was one that was particularly special to me as they are some of mine and my husband’s best friends! The day started with a chance of rain and hopes of an outdoor ceremony. It rained on us on the way to the venue and thunder surrounded us throughout the ceremony. However, not a drop of rain fell until the (indoor) reception began and when it rained, it poured! By that time, all guests were warm and sheltered in the rustic style barn dancing the night away. The day could not have turned out more perfect and you know what they say about rain on your wedding day…

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A special thanks to the following vendors….
Coordination: Events by Shelbi Rene
Ceremony/Reception: Texas Old Town
Photography: Everest Road Photography
Videography: HMH Productions
Catering: Novotus, Austin’s Elite
Cake: Cakes by Jerry
Florist: Luanna Cole Design
Hair/Make-Up: Stephanie Goldsmith