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I'm not a big "games" person, especially when it comes...

I’m not a big “games” person, especially when it comes to baby showers. I prefer activities such as decorating onesies or writing prayers or scripture for the baby so when I saw this idea on Hostess with the Mostess I wanted to blog about it immediately so I would never forget. This particular baby shower was Paris themed and although the entire shower was simply adorable, I loved their activity the most(ess): making headbands for the baby!


via HWTM

One of the hostesses actually made these bows ahead of time but depending on your guests, you could set out a picture or tutorials for different bows and let guests choose which bows they want to make. I just love the little pink tags they made to attach to each headband so you know who made it. That would come in handy when sending thank you notes or when taking photos of the baby wearing the headbands.

Now I know what you’re thinking, this only works for a girl baby shower, but what if for a boy baby shower you made bow ties to clip onto onesies? For gender neutral baby showers, why not have your guests make pacifier clips? In fact, the headbands, bow ties and pacifier clips require a lot of the same materials so making two at the same shower could also be an option. I am just loving this crafting trend at showers. Hooray for hot glue!

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