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This wedding I am posting today is near and "deer"...

This wedding I am posting today is near and “deer” to my heart because it is my cousin Kendra’s wedding. Kendra and Patrick’s Fall wedding was one of the most beautiful weddings I’ve ever helped coordinate. Also one of the most difficult weddings I’ve ever coordinated since I was a bridesmaid too! Regardless, the weekend was perfect and the weather cooperated beautifully which was lucky for us since we didn’t really have a back up plan.

One of the things I loved most about Kendra and Patrick’s wedding is how traditional they were with their wedding. My aunt (and mom) married at the same location that Kendra chose to have her reception and thus there are many photos that reflect sweet traditions passed down from generation to generation. Additionally, the bride and groom incorporated activities that reflected their own personalities. The theme of the wedding was “Antlers and Lace” since the groom loves to hunt and the bride loves all things pretty. Kendra is an artist, so they set up a “Paint by Number” table for guests to participate in during the hors d’oeuvres hour. Patrick loves to fish so guests were provided real worms and fishing poles to fish in the creek near the reception location. There was a photo booth, furniture where guests could lounge, a fire to roast smores and at the end of the night, a mesmerizing Chinese lantern lighting. Every detail was well thought out and lucky for us, Erin Woolsey was there to capture it all.

In true fashion, Robert, better known as “Bobert”, forgot his suit in time for pictures.
And here comes the fun part. These next few photos are pictures from my aunt Kelly’s wedding in 1983 against her daughter Kendra’s wedding in 2012. These photos are taken in the exact same locations, 29 years apart!

Kendra’s mom, Kelly, and her bridesmaids on the left. Kendra and her bridesmaids on the right.
My aunt Kelly and her sister, Rene` (my mom) on the left. Their daughters, me and Kendra, on the right.
The entrance to the house at Kelly’s wedding on top and the same entrance to Kendra’s wedding on bottom.
And then there’s this photo…
We just had to take the opportunity to imitate the infamous Bridesmaids movie…
Left: Kendra’s uncle Todd caught the garter at Kendra’s parents’ wedding. Right: Todd’s son Jake caught the garter at Kendra and Patrick’s wedding.
 Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Drew!!!
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