DIY Pumpkin Spice Stirrers

I have this friend Amanda and she is a genius. A few weeks ago she left these on my desk with special instructions to put them in my coffee:

 Now, one thing you should know about me is that I like my coffee 90% sugar and 10% coffee and also have a strong affection for all things pumpkin so I was not in the least bit hesitant to give this a try and it was life-changing. I put about six kisses in my 5 oz cup but the great thing is, you can add as many or little as you want to achieve the desired taste you prefer. Oh and you know those coffee/hot chocolate stirrers people always make around Christmas time? What if they were made with Pumpkin Hershey Kisses for Fall? Who wouldn’t want their coffee/hot chocolate to taste like pumpkin?! I made one to show you how great it would be:

To make the stirrers, melt the Kisses in a microwave safe bowl (I melted mine for 30 seconds, stirred, and then zapped them for another 15 seconds but all microwaves are different so be sure to test yours). Dip a plastic spoon into the melted Kisses and let it dry. Repeat this step several times. Set on wax paper to dry completely, wrap with cellophane and tie with a bow!

And then you could use these free presh printables from Print Your Party and you could pin it on Pinterest and people will be all like “why didn’t I think of that?!”

I told you she was a genius. Follow Amanda’s blog, My Ruby Red Dreams, for more fabulous inspiration!

Power of Prevention Online Auction

 I have donated two hours of event planning services to the Power of Prevention Online Auction going on right now and you could win! You may use these hours for any event or wedding from now until October 2013, including all new and existing clients, so help save a life and place your bid!

If you would like to bid, please go to:

You will need to create an account by creating a user name and adding your email and phone number. Other bidders will not be able to see this information; they will only see your user name. The email and phone number will be used by The Council only if you are a winning bidder. 

The Power of Prevention Breakfast benefits The Council on Drug and Alcohol Abuse.

“For 66 years, The Council has developed relationships and connections positively affecting community dialogue, resource sharing, community development and evidence-based solutions to the #1 preventable health problem in the United States – substance abuse. The Council’s work has received accolades and awards, coverage by national publications, and inclusion in the Congressional Record. But most importantly, since opening its doors in 1946, millions of North Texans have been reached, changed and/or saved. Last year alone, The Council trained or directly served 43,667 people and provided resources/materials for another 148,235 people. This is due to donations, sponsorships and support of local community members, foundations, organizations and companies.via

For more information about The Council and the Power of Prevention Breakfast, please visit their website at

Place your bid quickly, the auction ends on October 9 at 9pm CST!

Remember, you’re not only getting two hours of free services from me, you are also giving to a great cause! Thank you in advance for your donation!