DIY Patriotic Cake

I had saved this post for the 4th of July and then forgot I had saved it but since our patriotism has extended past the 4th due to the Olympics, it is still relevant!

Celebrate your patriotism with this simple yet eye-catching cake design from Catch My Party. Even if your country’s colors are not red, white and blue, just swap out the ribbon colors to coordinate with your country’s colors.

Football season is also coming up so this could be used to celebrate game day for professional, high school and collegiate sports. Head on over to Catch My Party for the full tutorial!

Creative Groomsmen Photos

Groomsmen tend to provide the comic relief for an otherwise stressful day. Below are a few of my favorite photos of groomsmen who know how to celebrate.

(click on the photos for a link to the source)

This photo by EE Photography includes the bridesmaids too…
 Ok you caught me. These are Tommy Hilfiger models but what they lack in humor they make up for in appearance. 🙂
And my all time favorite…
Have a happy Friday and for those of you getting hitched this weekend, have FUN!

Olympic Rings Cocktail

I saw this lovely Olympic Rings cocktail on Pinterest but after searching online I was unable to find a recipe. I would imagine you could create your own easily using the following ingredients:

Poor water and a couple drops of food coloring into each of the rings of the ice tray and freeze. Once frozen, add to your glass with your Champagne or sparkling cider.
Another option would be to use Lifesavers candies as the colored rings which can also add a unique flavor to your drink though I can’t guarantee it will taste good! 🙂