July 2012
Regan and Reagan Vermillion | Dallas Wedding | Dallas Wedding Coordinator
Throughout the wedding planning process I continually had to use the terms "boy Regan" and "girl Reagan" to get these two straight. It's not everyday you have a bride and groom with the same name! It's also not every day you meet a couple with a love story meant for the movies. Regan and Reagan met when the bride was doing a project for school which required her to research online dating sites. On one of those sites she met boy Reagan, they began conversing online and the rest is history! Technology is a beautiful thing.Girl Reagan wanted her wedding to be [...]
Olympic Cookies
Are you watching the opening ceremonies of the London Olympics this Friday? We are invited to a party where each guest was asked to dress to represent the country of their choice and bring a dish that coordinates! I hope I have time to make these Olympic Ring cookies because they're so darn cute...There is a tutorial for these on Bird's Party if you wanted to go for the gold and make them yourself!
Happy Birthday America!
We had a happy 4th...How about you?