DIY Chalkboard Lid Mason Jars
I am always looking for new ways to help guests...

I am always looking for new ways to help guests identify their drinks at parties and since chalkboard paint and mason jars tend to be a growing trend right now, why not put them together? It only takes two steps!

Materials Needed

  • Mason Jars (I bought 12 for $6.99 at Walmart)
  • Drill and 1/4 inch drill bit
  • Chalkboard Paint or Spray Paint
  • Straws
  • Chalk

If you already know how to work a drill, this project is super simple. First, you are going to drill a hole into the middle of the top of your mason jar lid using your 1/4 inch drill bit. Please say hello to my hottie assistant (and hubby), Mr. Rampy.

 No worries about scratch marks, the paint will cover those right up!
Step Two: Paint the lid.

I had chalkboard paint on hand already so I painted my lids but I highly recommend using chalkboard spray paint for this project. It will be much easier and less time consuming. Also, wait at least 24 hours to let the paint dry before writing on the lid.

Stick a colorful straw in and you’re ready to go! These would be great for weddings, dinner parties, showers, birthday parties, anniversary parties, etc. Enjoy!

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