Drink Flags

Drink flags are becoming more and more popular not only because they are cute as can be but because they serve a practical purpose as well! Using Sharpies to write on plastic cups is so 90’s. Check out all the creative ways you can help your guests’ distinguish between their drinks!

DIY Diaper Wrapped Bottles

Remember these diaper-wrapped orange juices from Jayde’s baby shower
Today I am going to share with you how I made them!
 Materials Needed:
  • Glass Bottles. I bought these Archer Farms Lattes from Target to use as my bottles. You can buy milk bottles at various online party shops but I was in a time crunch and liked the size of these.
  • Spray paint. I used silver but you can choose whatever color you want to coordinate with the colors of your party.
  • Gauze
  • Baby diaper pins (I found mine at Buy Buy Baby).
1. Peel the labels off, pour out the liquid and wash the bottles in the dishwasher. If you buy the Archer Farms Lattes like I did, you could leave the Latte in the bottle but I just didn’t think the Lattes wrapped in diapers looked very appetizing. If you want to fill your bottles with a different drink you will need to empty and wash them before making the diapers. I do NOT recommend putting the lids in the dishwasher because I realized afterward that it made it harder to screw the lids back on once they had been put through the dishwasher. Instead, I recommend scrubbing the lids lightly with warm water and soap in the sink. 
2. Spray the lids with spray paint.
3. While the lids are drying, cut 24-inch strips of gauze for each bottle.
4. Wrap the gauze twice around the bottle and tie into a knot.

5. On the opposite side of the knot, stick a diaper pin into the gauze.
6. When the lids are finished drying you can pour whatever drink you want into the bottles, put the lids back on the bottles and viola! Your very own diaper wrapped bottles!
To personalize these for a shower, you could put a sticker on the top of the lids with the baby’s monogram. I ran out of time but it would be super cute!

Bumblebee Baby Shower

Friends of mine threw this sweet Bumblebee Baby shower and I wanted to share since this theme could be used for a baby boy, girl or as a neutral shower for a mom who wants to keep the baby’s gender a surprise.

I love the DIY moss initials. You can easily make your own by gluing moss to letters purchased from your local craft store. The drink dispenser is perfect too since it looks exactly like a bee hive!


Don’t the cake balls look like little bees?
My friend, Becca, shared this shower with me and she is a fantastic interior designer. Check our her blog for interior design tips, tricks and ideas!