Happy Valentine’s Day!
My hubby and I bought each other massages for our...

My hubby and I bought each other massages for our Valentine’s gifts to each other but I wanted to do something special for him today since we wouldn’t really be exchanging gifts. When I saw these free printables from One Charming Party and this post on Me and Him I knew what I had to do.

I bought heart doilies from the Dollar Store. (Not like the DIY’s on Pinterest that say “found it at the Dollar Store!” and you think “my Dollar Store does NOT carry that.” Like silver trays. What Dollar Store carries silver trays?! I digress.) I really did find them at the Dollar Store.

Then I print and cut the free printables and wrote in my own awful special handwriting 14 reasons I love my husband. Here are just a few…

And took those Dollar Store heart doilies, wrapped them around my notes and sealed with a sticker.

The first Valentine on his bathroom mirror told him he’d be recieving 14 Valentines throughout the day.

I found strategic places around the house to put my notes. Like here…

(he always syncs his phone with iTunes in the morning)

And here…

Then after he left for work (he always leaves before me) I taped up a few more that he will find when he comes home for lunch like this one…

…if the dogs don’t eat it. (It is their first birthday today!)

And this one…

I really wanted to take some to his work but seeing as I work about 45 minutes away from him that didn’t seem reasonable so I hid a bunch in his car and briefcase and will text him throughout the day where to find them. For one of these notes, he will open his trunk to find this:

Which I also bought at the Dollar Store. (The balloons of course, not the golf clubs.)

He has been advised NOT to read this post until the end of the day. We’ll see how that goes. 🙂

I hope you all have a blessed Valentine’s Day surrounded by those you love!

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