DIY Anthropologie Mason Jar Snow Globes

I meant to post this DIY about three weeks ago but we’ve had a lot going on so better late than never right? These are easy to make and the materials are so easy to find that you could go out right now and have them done in an hour.

At the beginning of the Christmas season this year I was walking through Anthropologie and saw these these precious snow globes. I fell in love, but not with the price. At $30 a jar I knew I could come up with a much cheaper (and fool proof) way to recreate these. In fact, I ended up already having most of the materials at home. You may or may not have the tools at home so if you don’t here’s what you need and where to find it.

Materials Needed:
*Mason Jar or Salt/Pepper shaker as seen above (can be found at Walmart and Hobby Lobby. I used tapered mason jars because that’s what I had around the house but you can also buy jars that are not tapered like the picture of Anthropologie’s jars above)
*Small fake Christmas trees (I found mine at Joann’s but they are everywhere this time of year)
*Fake snow (I already had this but I’ve seen some at Target)
*Silver glitter (available at any craft store)
*Hot glue
*Craft glue (I used Martha Stewart craft glue because that’s what I had but Elmer’s will work just fine)
*Piece of cardboard/newspaper/paper plate (whatever you have to put your glue on will be fine)

 First put a dab of glue on your cardboard (or paper plate or newspaper or paper, etc).

Then take a tree and spin it in the glue.

See the glue?

Sprinkle glitter on the glue. You do not need a fancy spout at the top of your glitter to do this step. Pour an entire canister of glitter on top of the tree if you like. Either way works just fine.

I went ahead and glittered multiple trees because I planned to make more than one jar. 

Set your tree(s) aside to dry for about 5 minutes and filled your mason jar about a third of the way with snow.

Glue your tree to your mason jar lid with hot glue.

I decided I wanted two trees in my jar and put a little extra snow in the lid before screwing the jar into place.

Screw the jar onto the lid, give it a little shake if necessary and voila! Your very own much cheaper version of Anthropologie’s Mason Jar Snow Globes.

Oh Christmas trees.

I made three for my house.

Easy right? If you have any questions please feel free to ask in the comments section and I will be sure to answer you as quickly as possible. Happy crafting!