Pottery Barn Halloween

I know we’re all well aware of Pottery Barn’s wicked decorating talents. I mean, that’s WHAT they do right? BUT this year’s Halloween decor just blew me out of the water. If anyone could make Halloween decor look gorgeous, it would be Pottery Barn and they did just that. Sometimes I hestiate to decorate for Halloween (even though I love Halloween) because it can get a little tricky (pun intended). Halloween decor is well known for being either too spooky or too cheesy but I think Pottery Barn has put a classy spin on this year’s decor. See for yourself…

 The is more of a fall decor than Halloween but I had to include it because it’s pretty and I have a weakness for mercury glass.


 Burlap ghosts. Really? Too cute for words. I’d try to make these myself but I’m afraid I’d catch the burlap on fire.
 I need an old yellow truck for my front yard, stat!
I can’t wait to entertain this fall!