Vintage 4th of July BBQ and Shortcake Buffet
Build your own shortcake, patriotic pinwheels and free printables...need I say...

Build your own shortcake, patriotic pinwheels and free printables…need I say more? This backyard BBQ by Celebrations at Home screams land of the free and home of the brave just in time for 4th of July weekend!

The decor is what first caught my eye. The red, white and blue pinwheels are just about the most adorable thing I’ve ever seen. Pinwheels are so in right now and I love ’em. And how creative is the fruit display for the build-your-own-shortcake buffet? It reminds me of the farmers market which reminds me of summer…mission accomplished.

Chris found the fruit stand at Hobby Lobby and the old fashioned candy and Cracker Jacks at Cracker Barrel (a great resource if you’re ever looking for vintage candy and props).
Generally these types of cones are used for popcorn but I am a big fan of these color appropriate potato chips instead!

Vintage straws are also in right now and they look perfect tied to the soda bottles. I also love how she incorporated the wooden peg puzzle that Cracker Barrel also has on their tables. I used to love playing that game as a kid but it’s a great game for adults too and a fun activity to play at the table!

The printables for this party as well as more images and information about the products used can be found at Celebrations at Home on this post and this one! Thank you for the 4th of July inspiration, Chris! 
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