June 2011
Vintage 4th of July BBQ and Shortcake Buffet
Build your own shortcake, patriotic pinwheels and free printables...need I say more? This backyard BBQ by Celebrations at Home screams land of the free and home of the brave just in time for 4th of July weekend!The decor is what first caught my eye. The red, white and blue pinwheels are just about the most adorable thing I've ever seen. Pinwheels are so in right now and I love 'em. And how creative is the fruit display for the build-your-own-shortcake buffet? It reminds me of the farmers market which reminds me of summer...mission accomplished.Chris found the fruit stand at Hobby Lobby and the old fashioned candy [...]
Preston’s 26th Birthday
We went to Austin, Texas to celebrate my husband's 26th birthday and had a few friends over to celebrate. I put together a table of Preston's favorite things and went with a yellow and grey theme for the decor. Although I wanted to make my hubby feel special this year (he has helped me on so many of my other projects), simplicity was key since I wasn't sure what I would have to work with when we got to our rental house. Plus, he is a guy and though the effort is appreciated, I'm aware that the actual decor isn't [...]
A Baby Shower for Irelynn Rae
My cousin London had her baby girl this past weekend and in her honor I want to post the adorable shower her sisters, Chandra and Aubrey of Three, threw her a few months ago. Despite plumbing AND electrical problems at the host home the morning of the shower, it was still the most beautiful shower I have ever attended! They did such a great job and considering they own their own paper product company, the paper products were fabulous!The dotted garland on the right was my contribution to the shower. I used my 2-inch and 1/2-inch punches to cut circles out of paint squares [...]
Pinterest. Maybe you've heard about it but if you haven't you're not too far out of the loop. It's still pretty new and I would love to tell you all about it!Pinterest is a new website designed to allow you to save and categorize images you find while browsing the internet. It is basically a way to bookmark your favorite images from around the web all in one place. You have your own public page with your own personalized "boards" where you "pin" images you want to save as you browse the internet. Upon signing up, you can download the Pinterest [...]
Hot Air Balloon Baby Shower
I have to share this baby shower courtesy of Simply Bloom Photography. The details are just stunning and the color scheme is one I'm going to have to copy someday. The theme: hot air balloon (aka, she's ready to pop)! First of all, how amazing are these invitations by Ruby & Willow? The names written in twine are just too much.The paper balloon garland and the gorgeous desserts just about did me in. I mean come on, the kites are flying off the top of the cake! LOVE!Notice how simple this cake is without the decor and how unbelievable it looks with [...]