The “Shoe” Game
As promised, here are the questions I asked my parents...

As promised, here are the questions I asked my parents for The Shoe Game we played at their anniversary party. I found these questions in several places around the internet and tweaked them a bit to match my parents’ personalities so I advise you do a Google search if you want more suggestions. This list is safe for anniversaries/grandparents/children whereas other lists can get a little risky. 😉

-Who made the first move?
-Who said “I LOVE YOU” first?
-In high school, who broke it off the most? (My parents dated all throughout grade school and lived on the same street. Every time they broke up my mom would send her baby brothers up the street with a wagon full of my dad’s stuff and my dad would send his baby sister back down the street with my mom’s belongings.)
-Who has the wackiest family?
-Who’s the better driver?
-Who’s the faster driver?
-Who is in control of the checkbook?
-Who spends more money? (They both chose each other for this question)
-Who wears the pants in the family?
-Who steals the cover’s more?
-Who is most likely to let Boo sleep in the bed? (Boo is my parents dog)
-Who’s most likely to get lost?
-Who’s most likely to ask for directions?
-Who has gotten the most speeding tickets?
-Who is the bigger baby when they get sick?
-Who is the first to say “sorry”?
-Who’s the one that started the fight in the first place?
-Who forgets things the most?
-Who is always right?
-and finally… Who do you love the most in the whole wide world…(My dad held up his own shoe for this question, which had everybody rolling!)

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