Piece of Cake Tutorial by dandee

I’m about to make your search for the perfect cake a WHOLE lot easier. I have seen a few tutorials lately that involved turning a plain white cake into a decorative masterpiece and today I want to share one of those tutorials with you courtesy of dandee. I love this tutorial for SO many reasons. Here are a few…
Reason #1: You can easily buy (or make) a cake with white icing, stick this cake topper in and voila! Magnifique!
Reason #2:  You can use this cake topper over and over and over…
Reason #3:  You can coordinate the colors and words to match whatever party you’re throwing.
Reason #4: You can make this WAY ahead of time. Genious right?
The full tutorial is available on dandee’s blog.

Royal Wedding Graduation Party

I mentioned the day after the Royal Wedding that my sister had a graduation/Royal Wedding party and I promised pictures. Well, two weeks later…here they are! I know, super late, but since it is technically also a graduation party I guess I’m not THAT behind.

My sister invited all her friends over the night before to watch The King’s Speech and then the boys left and the girls had a sleepover so they could wake up for the wedding at 4am! I set my alarm but it wasn’t necessary. I was awakened by the screams of 25 high school girls in the downstairs living room.

A few weeks before the party my mom asked me if I had any suggestions for an English themed breakfast. (Obviously tea, but what else?) I suggested hot cross buns so she ordered them from Central Market and they were divine paired with the clotted cream she made and the scones she ordered from Starbucks!

Though many chose to celebrate the wedding in red, white and blues, my sister chose royal purple as her color of choice. It had dual meaning as purple is generally regarded as a regal color as well as the fact that she will be attending Abilene Christian University next year where the school colors are purple and white!

These cake pops were from Starbucks! My mom pre-ordered them which is a much easier solution if you don’t have time to make them!
The cake was from Frost It Cafe, a new bakery in Frisco and it was fabulous! I might have had it for breakfast the next day…and the next. The cupcakes from Gigi’s Cupcakes were incredible too. Each flavor was decorated differently with generous heaps of icing. YUM!
The Tom Kat Studio made the printables specially for my sister’s party and they fit perfectly with the theme!
My sister set up her camera on her tripod with the self timer and provided props for a make-shift photo booth!

If it hadn’t been for this party I don’t think I would have watched the Royal Wedding live but I am so glad I did. We had a blast and kudos to my sister for the combo party idea. SO much fun! Congratulations MoMo!

Succulent Pots DIY

So Friday was a little crazy but in case you didn’t see, our 1940’s photo shoot was featured on Ruffled! Today I want to share a simple DIY for making the rope pots featured on the tablescape.

Materials needed:
Succulent plant in plastic pot
Hot glue gun and glue sticks

Hot glue the rope around plastic pot starting at the top and making your way toward the base (see figures 1 and 2). It is easier to keep the plant inside the pot as it helps the pot maintain its shape. Be sure to push each layer of rope as close as possible to the preceding layer. Glue one layer at a time rather than trying to glue the entire pot at once. When you have finished wrapping cut off the excess rope.

Upscale Rustic Photo Shoot | Dallas Wedding Coordinator

I am thrilled to share this photo shoot styled by myself in collaboration with Three and EE Photography!

ALSO, we are being featured TODAY on Ruffled! Look for the post sometime this afternoon!

We began the styling of this photo shoot with a Pearl Harbor theme in mind and gravitated towards an upscale rustic rehearsal dinner. We wanted to incorporate 1940’s fashion with a modern flare and incorporate that design into the tablescape, decor and invitation/sign design as well. The use of a fishing net, boat, poles and anchor helped to set the scene for a romantic dinner by the water. At the same time, we used a crisp white tablecloth and natural colors to create a simple and modern setting as well as hints of gold and silver to add a touch of opulence to an otherwise outdoor setting.

I found the succulents at Calloway’s for $5 a piece in plastic pots and wrapped the pots in rope from Walmart to better fit with the design of the table. I’d say those babies probably cost a total of $6 each…if that! They were so easy and inexpensive to make but added such personality to the place settings! Though I’m sure you could figure it out, I will post a step-by-step tutorial next week to show how I wrapped the pots.

In keeping with the 1940’s theme Three used typefaces with vintage flair and spiced them up with a unique color pallet. The pop of bright gold was used in the invitation and the signs to unify the set but also to make it stand out!

The hanging clear bottles were empty cream soda bottles used as vases for bunches of baby’s breath.

The benches around the table were handmade by my wonderful husband who used stumps as support for two old boards. He also cut slices of tree stumps so we could use them to create a chalkboard menu, direction signs and coasters for the table.

I looked everywhere for the perfect fishing net and found one in the most unexpected place! As my husband was gathering wood for to make the benches he discovered a large net lying in the field behind my aunt and uncle’s house. In the midst of creating a fort, we have speculated that one of my cousins somehow acquired and abandoned a batting cage net and thus we found our centerpiece!

As always, a HUGE thank to the vendors that made this photo shoot a success:

Event design: Events by Shelbi Rene
Photography: EE Photography
Paper Products, Custom Signs and Model Styling: Three by The Quill Pen
Dessert design: Kendra Heard of Skunk and Bee
Fishing Boat: Patrick Drew
Venue: The Five Chimney Inn
*A special thanks to Preston Rampy for cutting all the wood for our photo shoot. Also thank you to our models: Daniel Bynum, Ashton Lloyd, Preston Rampy, Morgan Watten, Kevin and Katy McKinney and the puppies, Patti and Selma.*

Mother’s Day Printables by Skunk and Bee

If you receive Etsy emails, you may have noticed the Cinco de Mayo printables by Skunk and Bee made it in the Etsy finds email from yesterday! Congratulations Kendra!

Right there!

Today I want to feature her Mother’s Day printables and as always, they are available in her Etsy shop! The banner is my fav and I love how she incorporated the crowns.

Cake balls in egg stands? Genius.
Mom is queen!
To all you mothers out there, have a happy Mother’s Day! You are appreciated!!!