My Parents’ 30th Wedding Anniversary
My parents celebrated 30 years of marriage this year and...

My parents celebrated 30 years of marriage this year and so I of course insisted on throwing a party (duh). My cousins threw their parents a wonderful party last year and I wanted to make sure my parents felt just as special. The difference, though, is that my cousins had nine adults to help plan their parents soiree and I had me, my sister (sort of) and my husband (who I was trying to boss around to a minimum). My brothers were both MIA as one plays professional baseball and the other is away at college and my sister is in the midst of her senior year (and thus still at my parents’ house under their every watchful eye) so I started working on the party last year knowing what I’d gotten myself into. Needless to say, when all was said and done we were all 100% exhausted and so glad it was over. With that said, everything was perfect.

We couldn’t have prayed for better weather. It was a perfect 72 degrees with a slight wind and scattered clouds. Perfection. I also made sure I sprayed vigorously for mosquitoes the day before. (Side note: number one question I want to ask God at the pearly gates: The mosquito? Really? What was your thinking on that one?) As with any and every party we encountered a few roadblocks along the way. On the day of the party we were hanging the stringed lights and discovered that if you connect more than three strands together they will short. Oops. So we had to disconnect, fix the lights and rewire. My husband deserves a medal for all his hard work on this party. I would have had a nervous breakdown if he hadn’t been so helpful. Ok ok I did have a nervous breakdown but I would have had two nervous breakdowns. We also had a difficult time detangling the strands of my dessert table backdrop. I was THIS close to just cutting them. This close. The party was held where my parents’ were married which at the time was my granny’s house but now belongs to my mom’s sister. My aunt and her family worked tirelessly making their backyard perfect for the party and it was. Ready for me to prove it? Ok!

My cousin Aubrey took pictures for us. She just showed up and offered, like an angel. She and her mom also made the sign below and sell customized signs on their website!

My husband and I went through desperate measures to cut Magnolias down from the tops of the trees. On Thursday before the party we had made sure there were enough to cut down on our property and when we woke up Saturday morning the ones we had found were all brown so not only did I have to sit on his shoulders to find an acceptable flower to cut, we also had to climb onto the roof of our house! I’m not a big fan of heights or 90 degree angled roofs so just imagine me in a half squat, half standing position trying to maneuver my way across the roof at snail-like speed.
We played the “shoe game” that you often see at weddings. The premise of the game is that I would ask a question in which the answer would either be “Steve” (my dad) or “Rene” (my mom). To answer the questions, my parents each held one of my mom’s shoes and one of my dad’s shoes and held up the shoe accordingly. It ended up being highly entertaining, especially considering the fact that my parents answered every question differently. I will include a post next week with the questions I used for the game!
Happy 30th Anniversary mom and dad!!!
My sister Morgan also took a few photos at the party…
We “blindfolded” my parents so they wouldn’t suspect where we were going. I didn’t have actual blindfolds so kitchen towels sufficed. 
 For their first surprise, we sent them on a gondola ride!

On the dessert menu: Double Fudge cake truffles from Romano’s Bakery, Carrot Cake cupcakes from That’s the Cake (my parents wedding cake was carrot cake), cookies from Tiff’s Treats and Bread Pudding Whoopie Pies from Society Bakery.
We made my parents a scrapbook (on the right) of letters from their friends and family and modge podged the front with copies of their old love letters we found!
 We hung my mom’s wedding dress, hat and shoes at the sign in table.

A special thanks to the following vendors:

Design/Coordination: Events by Shelbi Rene
Invitations/Photography: Three by The Quill Pen
Food and Catering: The Prairie House
Cake Truffles: Romano’s Bakery
Cupcakes: That’s the Cake
Cookies: Tiff’s Treats
Whoopie Pies: Society Bakery
Gondola Ride: Gondola Adventures

I can’t say thank you enough to the following individuals who, without their help this party would not have been a success:

*Preston Rampy (as my dad said, my company should really be “Events by Shelbi Rene and Preston”)
*Ed and Barbara Bonneau
*The Heard Family
*Marsha and Shannon Bonneau
*Aubrey Bonneau
*Troy Bonneau
*Rick and Jane Smith
*Derrick and Chandra Chen

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