Easter Dessert Table by Jenny Cookies
Not only did Jenny at Jenny Cookies design this dessert...

Not only did Jenny at Jenny Cookies design this dessert table, she is also the handy(wo)man behind all the desserts! She is an icing goddess to say the least. Just look at her precious and perfect cookies and cupcakes and cakes! Wait until you see a close-up of the baby bird cupcakes. Too cute for words.

I love how she stacked the cake stands and the little green stool is so clever! I wish I was that artistic when it comes to desserts. The pinwheel cookies on a stick? Stop it. And how great are those bunny cupcakes!?

I will have tutorial for you on how to make these sweet cupcakes on the blog later today!
As delicious as this all looks, I think I’d be a little sad to eat any of it because it’s so pretty…but not too sad.
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