March 2011
S’mores Bags Featured on Ruffled!
The S'mores bags wedding favors Three made for our Fall Photo Shoot are featured on Ruffled today! Head on over to check out the post!!!
Vintage Tea Party Photo Shoot
Remember this? Well, it is time to reveal the product of that sketch. I am thrilled to share this vintage tea party I designed with the help of Taylor Jackson from Barefeet Photography and Cassie Henley from Twelve Twenty Photography (who is also the mastermind behind my blog design). There are so many pictures to share because I just couldn't choose and Taylor shot a video as well so you are in for some serious eye candy! Cassie and Taylor's nieces were our models and they are simply precious so you can imagine how difficult it was to narrow it down. These first few photos [...]
This video is presh. I was a little confused when I first saw it because I don't watch Scrubs but you'll love it. Trust me. I like this guy's creativity AND it's all on video. Perfect.
Lyndsay’s Wedding Shower
A few years ago I designed and decorated a shower for friends of ours from college, Lyndsay and Kyle Miller. Lyndsay was the vice president when I was president of our sorority, the jelly to my peanut butter, the cheese to my macaroni (you get the point) and Kyle and my husband grew up in the same church and were college roommates. With that said, Kyle and Lyndsay didn't even meet until after college! I totally missed out on an opportunity to play matchmaker. God has a funny way of working things out though!Kyle's parents and my in-laws have been friends for a while so when my mother-in-law [...]
So I am not an artist. I have never claimed to be one. But when I need to remember how I want to design something in my head, writing it down doesn't cut it; drawing is a necessity. So my friends, I give you this masterpiece:(What appears to be an octopus hanging from a string is actually a chandelier. Please take notice of that.)Yes, I drew that and I assure you the real thing is better. Hopefully I will be able to prove it to you when I post the real, non-stick figure photos in a few days. Lord help [...]