What to Wear to a Spring Wedding
The Finer Things came out with a list of suggestions...

The Finer Things came out with a list of suggestions for what to wear to a spring wedding and I must say it’s a great list. I have included it below and added my own two cents as well. 😉

1) Do not wear white or cream. Leave this look for the bride, and the bride only. This an obvious rule but I have seen it broken again and again. Guests are not supposed to wear white because the bride should stand out amongst her guests. It’s a form of respect for the bride and the last thing you want to do is draw negative attention to yourself. Many of the guests will not care. In fact, the bride may not even care, but what if she does? Unless the bride specifically asks you to wear white, do not wear it. It doesn’t matter if your white/cream dress looks nothing like a wedding dress, you still shouldn’t wear it.

Most people know the answer to this question but rather want to know if it is permissible to wear a white top or white pants with a colored skirt, pants or top. Err on the side of caution with this but generally I believe this is acceptable. Ask yourself these questions: Is there anything else in my closet I can wear that does not have white in it? If a group picture were taken of all the guests at the wedding, would I stand out along with the bride in this outfit? Our eyes tend to be drawn to white in pictures. Don’t make the mistake of being the only guest other than the bride standing out in pictures. Your job is to blend in white the guests, not stand out with the bride.

2) If you know what color the bridesmaids will be wearing, try to find a dress that is a different color. If you aren’t sure what they will be wearing, look to the invitation for clues. What color is the invitation? If you receive an invitation with a lavender ribbon, it’s safe to assume that lavender is one of the wedding colors.

3) Choose a look that you will be comfortable sitting, walking and dancing in. If you’re uncomfortable, you won’t be able to fully enjoy the evening. This is such a smart suggestion. If you want to wear five inch heels to the ceremony, throw another pair of shoes in the car to wear to the reception. Also, always bring a shawl or sweater for an indoor wedding or if it is going to be cooler at an outdoor wedding.

4) This might be an obvious rule to follow, but choose a dress that isn’t too revealing or flashy. This is my favorite rule because as obvious as it is, it is another that is broken way too often. Weddings are classy events and the “girls” are not invited, if you know what I mean. It’s just another way that attention is drawn away from the bride and onto…well, you know.

The Finer Things recommended a few dresses to wear and I wanted to include a few I found…

The top three dresses are from ModCloth and the bottom two are from Anthropologie.
And as always, for a black tie or cocktail attire wedding you will need to pick a dress that is much dressier and perhaps floor length. BHLDN is a great place to start. Hope that helps!
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