December 2010
S’more Love {DIY S’mores Bags}
So you’ve made/bought your S’mores sticks and are ready for roasting, but what about packaging? Three by The Quill Pen gives us a great DIY on how to make the S’mores bags they designed for our photo shoot! Now you can have a whole display of S’more cuteness! Visit Three’s website for a full explanation of their DIY S’mores Bags!
S’mores Sticks on Etsy!!!
Alright asked for it! We have listed the S'mores sticks for you to purchase on Etsy! We realized that not everybody has time to make these and sometimes it's just easier to buy so purchase away! We have only listed one set right now but we will list more as they sell out. Happy shopping!Follow this link to our Etsy page:
DIY S’mores Sticks
If you didn't catch the blog about our Fall Photo Shoot you can check it out here. The Smore’s sticks we used were actually made by my husband. Little did he know that his creation would be featured on my events blog! The great thing about these is that they can be used for any party, with any theme for any time of year! Personally, I love to roast s'mores in the winter. There's just something about the cold weather and a warm fire that makes me happy. So without further ado, if you feel comfortable with a drill and a [...]