Hostess Gifts {Etsy Finds}
I am always hard pressed for an answer when asked...

I am always hard pressed for an answer when asked for ideas for hostess gifts. It depends on the party, the hostesses and your own personality but otherwise can be a pretty generic gift in my opinion. I always try to look for something that I personally would enjoy receiving. With that in mind, here are a few ideas I found on Etsy. The great thing about Etsy is you can purchase as many as you need and some items can be custom made for you as well. With all the love I give to Etsy you would think I’m being paid to do so. I assure you I am not, I just have a slight obsession with adorable things and Etsy delivers when it comes to adorable! So without further ado, if I were hosting this holiday season, I know I’d love to receive any of these wonderful gifts!

If you’re having an autumn shower or party, these little cozies would be a darling gift. There are a few different styles and they come in many different colors too! You can also have them custom made depending on your hostesses’ personalities! Love it!
When I first saw this I thought it was food. It looks THAT good right? It’s a Pumpkin Spice Latte Foaming Sugar Scrub. Also a great autumn hostess gift and probably not something you would normally find in stores. After working hard to plan a party for you, the first thing your hostess needs is a nice long bath don’t you think? This seller has many other soaps and scrubs you can purchase as well.

This is Sweet Pumpkin Pie goats milk soap. I love these because they come pre-packaged in that darling box you see in the picture. These are great gifts because they’d be perfect for your hostesses’ kitchen or bathroom sinks!

If you’ve never had mulled cider you’re missing out! These Organic Mulling Spices make it SO EASY for your hostess to add to hot cider or wine for a party or for her family during the holidays AND $9 gets you 3 bags so they are super affordable if you have a lot of hostesses!


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