Happy Halloween!
I have been itching to host a Halloween party for...

I have been itching to host a Halloween party for years but it has just never been the right time. Last week (a week before Halloween) I finally decided to bite the bullet, live in the moment and just do it! I’m so glad I did so that now I can actually share my own Halloween party but I think next time my husband would appreciate it if I made up my mind more than a week before the party!

I wanted the theme to work for a Halloween party but also for a Fall or Thanksgiving party since Halloween would be over by the time I was going to be able to post pictures. My inspiration for the color scheme came from a Halloween sign that I’ve had for years. I tried to use a lot of whites and browns and a just a little black and orange. I even threw some gold in there! If you change the signage, I think this party would be perfect throughout November too.

An easy decorating tip: scrapbook paper comes in all different colors, themes and designs at your local craft store. Whenever you decide on a color scheme, peruse the scrapbook paper aisles to find papers that match your theme. Then you can use them as backdrops on chargers or plates to add a pop of color that not only creates an interesting aesthetic but also turns those boring old plates into something new and unique! I found my papers on sale at Michael’s and just cut them to fit the size of my chargers.  
Mummy Dogs. Pigs in a blanket with mustard eyes!
These “Nutty Ghosts” are SO EASY to make! Dip Nutter Butters in white chocolate and then add eyes with icing.
Caramel Apple toppings: Halloween Sprinkles, Crushed Kit Kat, Crushed Pecans and Heath Bar.
I used tree branches as the apples sticks for two reasons: they’re affordable and adorable!
I found these “Dragon Blood” labels on Martha Stewart and just changed the name on the label.
For smores I had three different types of marshmallows, Hershey’s bars, Cookies and Cream Hershey Bars and Reeses to put on Regular and Cinnamon Graham crackers! How’s that for a smore!?
There’s a tutorial for these Witches Brooms bags on Martha Stewart also.

I made all the printables on Microsoft Word because I know not everyone out there has access to Photoshop or knows how to use it for that matter. I used the drawing tool to make the circles and then placed a text box in the center. The outer yellow circle is 1.97″ with a 3 pt. thickness so that I could use a 2″ circle cutter to cut my circles perfectly. Then I bought full sheets of sticker paper from an office supply store, cut the circles and stuck them on black cardstock! Easy smeasy…minus all the problems I had with my printer (it needed more cleaning pads…whatever those are). Sometimes technology is so great, other times…
I hope everyone had a Happy Halloween! November is one of my favorite months so I am excited about what is it to come. I am coordinating a wedding this weekend so you won’t hear much from me this week but look for more Thanksgiving ideas soon!

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