Derrick and Chandra Chen
Derrick and Chandra's September wedding was the epitome of a...

Derrick and Chandra’s September wedding was the epitome of a family affair. The ceremony and reception took place at Chandra’s grandparent’s home amidst billowing trees, romantic lighting and vintage decor. Chandra and her family own an invitation and paper products design company called Three and used their talents to make everything from direction signs and programs to stickers and napkins. Though Chandra first described it as a “backyard wedding”, the decor spoke otherwise. Lanterns hidden in trees and lights draped from above created an atmosphere far exceeding the expectations of a backyard bash.

Derrick and Chandra actually met on Craig’s List and made booklets of their email conversations for the reception tables so all the guests could actually read how they met and fell in love. To illustrate how much these two care for each other, Chandra did something I’ve never seen a bride do in the ceremony. She stopped at the top of the aisle and held up the signs with the lyrics to the processional song as they were sung. The words were a perfect description of her love for Derrick and let me tell you, Derrick was a mess by the time she made it to him!

A special thank you to Erin Woolsey for these gorgeous photographs of such a romantic and elegant vintage wedding. 

Middle Right: They provided bug spray in a cute bucket just in case!
Notice the “menu’ sign which was hand painted by Chandra herself!
Props to Mrs. Woolsey on this one. This is actually the reflection of the groomsmen in the water!!!
Aren’t their direction signs adorable? Chandra made these too!
Chandra stopped and used signs to show Derrick the lyrics to the processional song. Check out Derrick’s reaction below…so sweet!
Top Right: Three is responsible for the adorable programs/fans for the ceremony. Also notice the lanterns hanging in the trees.
Top Right: They had homemade ice cream made by family members and adorable boxed lunches for dinner by Central Market.

Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Chen!!!
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