September 2010
Matthew and Casey Hanna
I knew from the moment I met Pam and Casey Myers that this wedding was going to be a joy to coordinate. My predictions were confirmed when Sally and Matthew Hanna joined us for the walk-through at Northwood Club. Both the Myers and the Hannas treated me, the coordinator, like I was part of the family. In fact, when I came to pick up bridesmaid dresses at the bridal luncheon, Pam insisted that I stay for lunch! Both families were as sweet as they could be and have remained friends of mine long after the wedding festivities were over!Matthew and [...]
Shoe Lovelies {Etsy Finds}
I found the most Blue-tiful (get it? Get It?) wedding idea on Etsy today. Check it out:ANDSo the shoes are not for sale, but what IS for sale is that fantastic feather adornment (or “lovelies” as the Etsy seller likes to call them) on the front of the shoes AND they are made custom to YOUR SHOES! Amazing right? So whether you’re in need of something blue for a white shoe or you already have something blue and want to pizzazz it up a bit or maybe you’re like me and just have an obsession with feathers, rhinestones and [...]
What’s in a Name?
What’s in a Name?A step-by-step guide on how to change your last nameOne of the most common questions I get as a wedding coordinator is how to change your last name after the wedding. It doesn’t seem difficult until you start to realize ALL the cards, accounts and legal documents to which your name is tied. I have been married for 3 years and I still discover old accounts under my last name! So, here is a step-by-step guide* to changing your last name.1. This is the hard part. Assuming you have already applied for a marriage license, completed the [...]
Caramel Apple Soap {Etsy Finds}
Every now and then I will let you know of my latest Etsy finds. If you have never been to you're missing out. Etsy is an online marketplace focused mostly on handmade and vintage items and includes everything from paper products and party supplies to home decor and fashion. If you're looking for something unique or vintage, Etsy is the place to go. I was just browsing through the site the other day and happened to come across the most adorable handmade soap (yes, soap) I have ever seen. Check it out:Can you believe these are SOAPS!?! Wouldn’t they be cute next to your [...]
Derrick and Chandra Chen
Derrick and Chandra's September wedding was the epitome of a family affair. The ceremony and reception took place at Chandra's grandparent's home amidst billowing trees, romantic lighting and vintage decor. Chandra and her family own an invitation and paper products design company called Three and used their talents to make everything from direction signs and programs to stickers and napkins. Though Chandra first described it as a "backyard wedding", the decor spoke otherwise. Lanterns hidden in trees and lights draped from above created an atmosphere far exceeding the expectations of a backyard bash.Derrick and Chandra actually met on Craig's List and made booklets [...]