Matthew and Casey Hanna

I knew from the moment I met Pam and Casey Myers that this wedding was going to be a joy to coordinate. My predictions were confirmed when Sally and Matthew Hanna joined us for the walk-through at Northwood Club. Both the Myers and the Hannas treated me, the coordinator, like I was part of the family. In fact, when I came to pick up bridesmaid dresses at the bridal luncheon, Pam insisted that I stay for lunch! Both families were as sweet as they could be and have remained friends of mine long after the wedding festivities were over!

Matthew and Casey married on a cool December evening at University Park United Methodist Church in the midst of the Christmas season. This group knew how to have fun…so much so that they chose “Stroken” as their last song before leaving the reception! It doesn’t get much better than that!

The proud mother of the bride, Mrs. Pamela Myers!
Matthew was more of a cheesecake fan so instead of a groom’s cake, Northwood passed mini cheesekcakes after the cake cutting!
Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Hanna!
A special thanks to the following vendors…
Reception: Northwood Club
Make-up: Lenore Caulton-Downey
Photography: Kady Dunlap
Florist: Park Cities Petals
Stationery/Paper Products: Melinda Matter at Paper Matters
Calligraphy: Barb Biddle

Shoe Lovelies {Etsy Finds}

I found the most Blue-tiful (get it? Get It?) wedding idea on Etsy today. Check it out:


So the shoes are not for sale, but what IS for sale is that fantastic feather adornment (or “lovelies” as the Etsy seller likes to call them) on the front of the shoes AND they are made custom to YOUR SHOES! Amazing right? So whether you’re in need of something blue for a white shoe or you already have something blue and want to pizzazz it up a bit or maybe you’re like me and just have an obsession with feathers, rhinestones and cuteness…how perfect would these be?

I had the hardest time finding great shoes for my wedding and I’m telling you, these will have everybody asking “Where DID you get THOSE?!” AND since they are custom made, no one will have the same pair of wedding shoes as you! So chic. So cool. I’m. In. LOVE!

What’s in a Name?

What’s in a Name?

A step-by-step guide on how to change your last name

One of the most common questions I get as a wedding coordinator is how to change your last name after the wedding. It doesn’t seem difficult until you start to realize ALL the cards, accounts and legal documents to which your name is tied. I have been married for 3 years and I still discover old accounts under my last name! So, here is a step-by-step guide* to changing your last name.

1. This is the hard part. Assuming you have already applied for a marriage license, completed the correct documentation and had it signed by a licensed officiant you will need to return the license after the wedding ceremony to the county clerk’s office from where you originally obtained it. This can prove to be problematic if you are married in a different county, state or even country from where you reside. You are permitted to mail your certificate to the county clerk’s office, but of course this means it will take longer for you to obtain a copy because they will have to mail you a copy in return. My suggestion to you: return your license to the county clerk’s office as soon as possible whether that be the day after your wedding (County Clerk’s offices are not open on Saturday or Sunday) or the day you get home from your honeymoon. Many resorts require a valid marriage certificate in order for you to receive the honeymoon rate so you might have to take it along with you. Furthermore, if you have booked your honeymoon travel in your new name (I recommend that you do not do this but if you have) you will need to take your marriage certificate along to prove your new identity. Some county clerk’s offices will issue you an official copy the same day you return the license but every state and county has different requirements regarding marriage licenses so be sure to ask the county clerk’s office when you obtain your marriage license how long they suppose it will take for you to get a copy. Regardless of whether or not you are in a rush to get your name changed, you must mail your marriage license in within a certain period of time (usually 30 days) in order for you to be considered legally married by the state. You should also order more than one copy if you intend to go ahead and change your name on your bank accounts and passport.

2. To change your driver’s license you will need to visit the nearest DPS office (Texas Department of Public Safety) with your marriage license. You will have to pay a small fee (around $10) for the name change. I also recommend bringing along your current driver’s license just in case.

3. Once you have received an official copy of your marriage license you can take it to the local Social Security office and the clerk can issue you a new social security card that reflects the name change. You will need to bring your official copy of your marriage license as well as a valid id (which can be issued in your old name and includes your driver’s license, a U.S. Passport or any other state issued identification). To speed up the process, you can print and fill out an application online before visiting the Social Security office. After processing your request the SSA will mail you a new Social Security Card.

4. Now you can change your bank accounts. This will vary depending on your bank but in order to ensure accuracy I recommend you visit the nearest branch location of your bank and handle the name change there. You may want to call your bank ahead of time to ask what type of identification you will need to bring with you. Many will require only your marriage license and a valid government issued ID but some may require your Social Security Card as well. I did not have all of my identification when I went to visit my bank and was forced to keep my maiden name and my married name on my new card until my bank was able to see my Social Security Card with my name changed.
Those are the major name changes you will need to make. Don’t even get me started on your passport, your company’s payroll and every single website you’ve ever registered for (,,, etc.). Also, if you are a licensed professional you will need to contact the licensing board to request a name change as well.
I hope that helps and clears up at least a little of the confusion involved in changing your name. When in doubt, just call the appropriate government office and ask questions!

*This guide is for brides in the state of Texas only. Each state has different laws and regulations concerning name changes and marriage licenses.

Caramel Apple Soap {Etsy Finds}

Every now and then I will let you know of my latest Etsy finds. If you have never been to you’re missing out. Etsy is an online marketplace focused mostly on handmade and vintage items and includes everything from paper products and party supplies to home decor and fashion. If you’re looking for something unique or vintage, Etsy is the place to go. I was just browsing through the site the other day and happened to come across the most adorable handmade soap (yes, soap) I have ever seen. Check it out:

Can you believe these are SOAPS!?! Wouldn’t they be cute next to your sink for a Halloween party or the Fall season? They would also make a great teacher or hostess gift! I love them so much I want to eat them AND they’re only $4 an apple! If you want these you better hurry up! Many Etsy vendors handmake their products and have a limited supply. Go here to view these and other items in this seller’s shop. Anyone else craving a caramel apple!?

Derrick and Chandra Chen

Derrick and Chandra’s September wedding was the epitome of a family affair. The ceremony and reception took place at Chandra’s grandparent’s home amidst billowing trees, romantic lighting and vintage decor. Chandra and her family own an invitation and paper products design company called Three and used their talents to make everything from direction signs and programs to stickers and napkins. Though Chandra first described it as a “backyard wedding”, the decor spoke otherwise. Lanterns hidden in trees and lights draped from above created an atmosphere far exceeding the expectations of a backyard bash.

Derrick and Chandra actually met on Craig’s List and made booklets of their email conversations for the reception tables so all the guests could actually read how they met and fell in love. To illustrate how much these two care for each other, Chandra did something I’ve never seen a bride do in the ceremony. She stopped at the top of the aisle and held up the signs with the lyrics to the processional song as they were sung. The words were a perfect description of her love for Derrick and let me tell you, Derrick was a mess by the time she made it to him!

A special thank you to Erin Woolsey for these gorgeous photographs of such a romantic and elegant vintage wedding. 

Middle Right: They provided bug spray in a cute bucket just in case!
Notice the “menu’ sign which was hand painted by Chandra herself!
Props to Mrs. Woolsey on this one. This is actually the reflection of the groomsmen in the water!!!
Aren’t their direction signs adorable? Chandra made these too!
Chandra stopped and used signs to show Derrick the lyrics to the processional song. Check out Derrick’s reaction below…so sweet!
Top Right: Three is responsible for the adorable programs/fans for the ceremony. Also notice the lanterns hanging in the trees.
Top Right: They had homemade ice cream made by family members and adorable boxed lunches for dinner by Central Market.

Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Chen!!!